Minibiotus intermedius (Plate, 1889)

Li, Xiao-Chen, Wang, Da-Yong & Wang, Li-Zhi, 2008, The Tardigrada Fauna Of Hainan Island (Asia: China) With Descriptions Of Two New Species, Raffles Bulletin of Zoology 56 (2), pp. 293-305: 299

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Minibiotus intermedius (Plate, 1889)


Minibiotus intermedius (Plate, 1889)  

Material examined. – Sixty-seven specimens were collected from Five-Finger Mountain and Mumianshan Mountain, Baisha County.

Remarks. – This species was reported as a new record for China from Hainan Island and Hebei Province (Rahm, 1936–1937a; 1937). Next it was reported from Sichuan Province and Yunnan Province ( Beasley et al., 2006).