Pauropsalta extrema ( Distant, 1892 )

Owen, Christopher L. & Moulds, Max S., 2016, Systematics and Phylogeny of the Australian Cicada Genus Pauropsalta Goding and Froggatt, 1904 and Allied Genera (Hemiptera: Cicadidae: Cicadettini), Records of the Australian Museum 68 (4), pp. 117-200: 151-152

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Pauropsalta extrema ( Distant, 1892 )


Pauropsalta extrema ( Distant, 1892)  

Fig. 21 View Figure 21 , Pl. 3

Melampsalta extrema Distant, 1892: 323–324   .

Pauropsalta extrema (Distant)   . Goding & Froggatt, 1904: 619; Ewart, 1989: 300–301; Moulds, 1990: 132–133; Owen et al., 2015: 261, 272.

Previously, the identity of Pauropsalta extrema   erroneously included an undescribed species. True Pau. extrema   is a species confined to localities west of the Great Sandy Desert in Western Australia, while those individuals previously considered to be Pau. extrema   from east of the Great Sandy Desert clearly differ from Pau. extrema   in the male genitalia and song and consequently are here recognized as Pau. similis   n.sp. True Pau. extrema   can be documented as follows.

Material examined. Lectotype male, Roebourne N.W.Aust. Saunders, Distant coll. 1911-383; designated by Ewart (1989: 300) ( NHM), and specimens from the following localities: WESTERN AUSTRALIA: Fortescue R., Hamersley Rg; ( MV). Millstream ; 0.5 km WNW of Millstream; 2 km ENE of Millstream Hsd; Mt Tom Price ; Mt Newman ( JM). House Ck , c. 60 km E of Nanutarra roadhouse, 22°32.646'S 115°29.981'E; Nanutarra roadhouse, 22°32.646'S 115°29.981'E; 54 km NW of Paraburdoo, 22°57.687'S 117°19.925'E; Minilya River x-ing, 23°49.108'S 114°0.483'E; 66.5 km N of Murchison Roadhouse, 26°19.884'S 116°0.3'E; 100 km N of Murchison Roadhouse, nr Byro Hsd, 26°05.146'S 116°09.516'E; Marble Bar; Millstream , Fortescue R., S of Roebourne; Sherlock R.; Yule R., approx. 160 km S of Port Hedland ( MSM & WAM). Fortescue R., Hamersley Rg ( SAM); 1♂ (molecular voucher 06.AU.WA.SFR.01; GenBank accessions: KM377099, KM377369, KM377424, KM668301), Sandfire Roadhouse on Great Northern Hwy , -19.771° 121.092°, 9.ii.2006, Hill, Marshall, and Moulds ( UCS). GoogleMaps  

Distribution ( Fig. 21 View Figure 21 ). Northwestern Western Australia, for the most part between the Murchison and De Grey Rivers. It occurs in both coastal districts (e.g., Roebourne, type locality) and inland as far as Newman and Byro Station (some 200 km inland from Shark Bay) (K. Hill and D. Marshall). The occurrence of the species at Sandfire roadhouse, about half way between Broome and Port Hedland and well within the Great Sandy Desert (Hill, Marshall and Moulds), is probably due to an accidental introduction with cultivated eucalypts and the species is considered unlikely to occur there naturally. Adults have been taken from late December to early March but the species almost certainly will be found to occur in other months, both before and after these dates.

Habitat. Usually on the upper branches or trunks of eucalypts growing along rivers, watercourses or in wellwatered gardens.

Distinguishing features

Size, colour and markings are indistinguishable from those of Pau. similis   . However, males can be separated from Pau. similis   by the shape of the distal end of the endotheca; that of Pau. extrema   bears wing-like flanges that extend laterally beyond the shaft of the endotheca ( Fig. 21 View Figure 21 ). In contrast, the distal end of the endotheca of Pau. similis   is bi-lobed with the lobes not spreading laterally beyond the shaft ( Fig. 28 View Figure 28 ). Females are indistinguishable morphologically and can only be identified to species by locality.

Song ( Fig. 21 View Figure 21 ). A succession of buzz-like ticks followed by a longer buzz-like call, somewhat resembling the sound of typing followed by carriage return on a manual typewriter. The locals of Marble Bar call this species the Typewriter. The dominant song frequency ranges from 6–12 kHz.


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Pauropsalta extrema ( Distant, 1892 )

Owen, Christopher L. & Moulds, Max S. 2016

Pauropsalta extrema (Distant)

Owen, C & Marshall, K 2015: 261
Moulds, M 1990: 132
Ewart, A 1989: 300

Melampsalta extrema

Distant, W 1892: 324