Nazeris divisus Hu & Li, 2015

Hu, Jia-Yao, Liu, Yi-Xiao & Li, Li-Zhen, 2018, Two new species of Nazeris Fauvel in the Luoxiao Mountain Range, China (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae, Paederinae), Zootaxa 4370 (2), pp. 180-188: 181

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Nazeris divisus Hu & Li, 2015


Nazeris divisus Hu & Li, 2015  

( Fig. 22 View FIGURE22 )

Additional material examined. 4 males, ‘ China: Hunan, Yueyang, Pingjiang County, Fushoushan , 28°28′N, 113°46′E, 1079 m, 30-31.VI.2017, Tang, Jiang, Liu, Hu & Huang leg.’ GoogleMaps   ; 1 female, same data, except ‘ 15.VII.2016, Jiang & Zhou leg.’. ( SNUC) GoogleMaps   .

Comment. The species is similar to N. grandis Hu & Li, 2012   from eastern Guangxi province in external characters, but can be separated by the smaller body size, narrower posterior excision of male sternite VIII, and different aedeagal structure.

Distribution and habitat data. This species is known from Dawei Shan and Fushou Shan in northeastern Hunan ( Fig. 22 View FIGURE22 ). The specimens were collected by sifting decaying leaf litter in mixed forests at altitudes of 830– 1450 m.