Anisepyris rotundus Santos, 2002,

Barbosa, Diego N. & Azevedo, Celso O., 2018, Revision of Anisepyris Kieffer (Hymenoptera, Bethylidae), with description of 135 new species, Zootaxa 4416 (1), pp. 1-258: 237-238

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Anisepyris rotundus Santos, 2002


Anisepyris rotundus Santos, 2002 

( Figs 28LView FIGURE 28; 29F; 29G; 29L)

Anisepyris rotundus Santos, 2002  , 46: 246–248.

Redescription, female. Body length 6.08 mm. Head and mesosoma black; wings subhyaline; metasoma dark castaneous. Head wide. Mandible with four distal teeth, narrow, angled, and with superior tooth curved upward. Median clypeal lobe rounded, short; median clypeal carina hardly distinct from clypeus. Frons coriaceous  ; with frontal process; antennal scrobe ecarinate. Eye large. Frontal angle of ocellar triangle acute; ocelli small. Vertex straight. Pronotal disc as long as wide, punctate; transverse pronotal carina complete; posterior margin with posterior pronotal sulcus. Notaulus very narrow. Mesoscutellar disc with mesoscutellar sulcus narrow. Metapectalpropodeal disc short; metapostnotal median carina complete; longitudinal ridges present; metapostnotal-propodeal suture fused with first metapostnotal carina; paraspiracular carina present and conspicuous; metapleural carina present and conspicuous; metapectal-propodeal disc with short striae; propodeal declivity strigate. Mesopleuron with anterior fovea closed; mesopleural fovea closed; lower fovea closed; posterior fovea present; mesopleural suture closed. Forewing with stigma developed; Rs&M vein distinguished. Mesotibia not spinose; claws trifid. Metasomal segments sparsely setose. Genitalia. T9 with anterior arm long and overlapping 2vf; 1vv longer than genitalia body; 2vv shorter than 1vv length, smoothly narrowing apicad; 3vv short; 1vf curved downward; 2vf slender, angled, and with dorsal lap strongly swollen posteriorly; 1rv not curved, ventral process small, and posterior process short; 2rv not curved.

Material examined. Holotype, ♀, BRAZIL, Espírito Santo, Castelo, P[ar]q[ue] Est [adual] Forno Grande , 20°32'S 41°07'W, 14.x.2000, Varredura, 1100m, H.S. Santos col[etor] ( UFES 37725View Materials)GoogleMaps  . BRAZIL. Pará, 1 ♂, Oriximiná, Porto de Trombetas , 01°27'S 56°30'W, 26.x –2.xi.2000, arm[adilha] Malaise, J. Cardoso & G. Costa col[etores] ( UFES 105447View Materials)GoogleMaps  ; Bahia, 1 ♂, Barra do Rocha, Faz [enda] Iacina , 14°11'S 39°34'W, 09.xii.2003, arm[adilha] Malaise, (CEPLAC); 1 ♂, Ubaitaba, Faz[enda] Fortaleza, 14°18'S 39°19'W, 13.xii.2003, arm[adilha] Malaise (CEPLAC); 1 ♂, Firmino Alves, Faz[enda] Santo Antônio, 14°59'S 39°55'W, 24.xi.2002, arm[adilha] Malaise (CEPLAC); 1 ♂, Itororó, Faz [enda] Santa Cruz, 15°01'S 40°02'WGoogleMaps  ; 24.xi.2002, arm[adilha] Malaise (CEPLAC); 1 ♂, Encruzilhada, 800m, 15°32'35"S 40°50'12"W, 10–12.xii.2007, arm[adilha] Malaise, Rafael, Grossi & Parizzoto col[etores] (INPA); 1 ♂, Ipiaú, Faz [enda] Afegan , 21.xi.2002, arm[adilha] Malaise (CEPLAC); 1 ♂, Itacaré, Faz[enda] Vencedora, 08.xii.2003, arm[adilha] Malaise (CEPLAC); 1 ♂, Faz [enda] Trindade, 14.xii.2003  ; Minas Gerais, 1 ♂, Marliéria, P[arque] E[stadual] Rio Doce, Área Tereza , 19°37'S 42°34'W, 2–9.xi.2000, arm[adilha] Malaise , JCR Fontenelle col[etor] ( UFES 100744)GoogleMaps  ; 1 ♂, 18–25.x.2001 (UFES 102196); Espírito Santo, 1 ♂, Conceição da Barra, Parque Estadual de Itaúnas , 18°20'S 39°40'W, 23–25.xi.2006, [armadilha] Möricke S 2-UV, M.T. Tavares & equipe col[etores] ( UFES 127999View Materials)GoogleMaps  ; 1 ♂, Conceição da Barra, Res [erva] Biol [ógica] Córrego Grande, Lagoa dos Guaxos , 18°16'19.3"S 39°48'54.8"W, 08–13.iii.2006, [armadilha] E.S. Redigjieri & equipe col[etores] ( UFES 126588View Materials)GoogleMaps  ; 2 ♂, Pinheiros, Res[erva] Biol [ógica] Córrego do Veado , 18°21'S 40°09'W, 09–, arm[adilha] Malaise, M.T. Tavares & equipe col[etores] ( UFES 63233View Materials; 63259); 1 ♂, Linhares, cultura de cocoGoogleMaps  , 50m, 19°25'S 40°04'W, 05.v.2008, arm[adilha] Möricke, E.F. Comério col[etor] (UFES 77863); 1 ♂, 14.iii.2008 (UFES 77871); 2 ♂, Nova Venécia, Fazenda Boa Fé, 03–06.viii.2010, [armadilha] Malaise, V. Fagundes & equipe col[etores] ( UFES 126631View Materials; 126633); 5 ♂, Itaguaçu , Alto Lajinha , Faz [enda] Binda , 19°48'S 40°48'W, 22–29.ix.2008, arm[adilha] Malaise, M.T. Tavares & equipe col[etores] ( UFES 80162View Materials; 80442; 80463; 80525; 80574); 1 ♂, Domingos Martins, 05–12.vii.2003, arm[adilha] Malaise, R. Kawada col[etor] ( UFES 80596View Materials)GoogleMaps  ; 6 ♂, Domingos Martins, Pico Eldorado, 20°22'17"S 40°39'29"W, 26.xi –03.xii.2004, arm[adilha] Malaise, Tavares e eq[uipe] col[etores] (UFES 09806; 09807; 09816; 09826; 09831; 09833); 5 ♂, 03–10.xii.2004 (UFES 09790; 09838; 09874; 09875; 09878); 1 ♂, Alfredo Chaves, Matilde, R[eserva]P[articular][do]P[atrimônio]N[atural] Oiutrem, 600–800m, 20°33'S 40°48'W, 14–21.x.2009, [armadilha] Malaise, C.O. Azevedo & eq[uipe] col[etores] (UFES 125463); 1 ♂, Guarapari , P[arque] E[stadual] Paulo César Vinha, Restinga -mata 14, 4m, 20°36'S 40°25'W, 08–15.v.2006, [armadilha] Malaise, C.O. Azevedo, & eq[uipe] col[etores] ( UFES 126844View Materials).GoogleMaps 

Distribution. Brazil: Pará, Bahia, Minas Gerais, Espírito Santo.


Universidade Federal do Espirito Santo














Anisepyris rotundus Santos, 2002

Barbosa, Diego N. & Azevedo, Celso O. 2018

Anisepyris rotundus

Santos 2002