Anisepyris tuberosus Santos & Azevedo, 2000,

Barbosa, Diego N. & Azevedo, Celso O., 2018, Revision of Anisepyris Kieffer (Hymenoptera, Bethylidae), with description of 135 new species, Zootaxa 4416 (1), pp. 1-258: 214-215

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Anisepyris tuberosus Santos & Azevedo, 2000


Anisepyris tuberosus Santos & Azevedo, 2000 

( Figs 26IView FIGURE 26; 26L; 26M; 27B)

Anisepyris tuberosus Santos & Azevedo, 2000  , 44: 148, 151.

Redescription, male. Body length 5.53 mm. Head and mesosoma black; wings sub-hyaline; metasoma dark castaneous. Head wide. Flagellomeres long, with sparse and short setae. Mandible narrow, curved, and with teeth equally wide. Median clypeal lobe rounded, short, with median tooth at apical margin. Frons coriaceous  . Antennal scrobe carinate. Eye large. Frontal angle of ocellar triangle acute; ocelli large. Vertex convex. Pronotal disc as long as wide, strongly coriaceous  ; transverse pronotal carina complete; with posterior pronotal sulcus. Notaulus very narrow. Mesoscutellar sulcus wide. Metapectal-propodeal disc short; metapostnotal median carina complete; longitudinal ridges present; metapostnotal-propodeal suture convergent to first metapostnotal carina; paraspiracular carina present and conspicuous; metapleural carina present and inconspicuous; metapectal-propodeal disc with short striae; propodeal declivity strigate. Mesopleuron with anterior fovea closed; mesopleural fovea closed; lower fovea opened; posterior fovea absent; mesopleural suture closed. Forewing with stigma developed; Rs&M vein distinguished. Mesotibia not spinose. Claws trifid. Metasomal segments sparsely setose. Genitalia. Basiparamere as long as paramere; paramere slender, rounded, and with ventral margin convex and dorsal margin straight, glabrous; basivolsella with excavation at apical margin; cuspis with arms very short, with basal projection at inner margin, dorsal arm wide; aedeagus with basal portion angled and slender, and apical portion as long as basal and slender; apodeme slender.

Material examined. Holotype, ♂, BRAZIL, Espírito Santo, Cariacica, Res[erva] Biol [ógica] Duas Bocas , 20°15'50”S 40°25'12"W, 16.i.1997, varredura, H. Santos Sá col[etor] ( UFES 37743View Materials)GoogleMaps  . VENEZUELA, Aragua, 1 ♂, P. N. H. Pittier, 1100m, Rancho Grande, 9.iv.1994, L. Masner [collector] ( CNCI)  ; BRAZIL, Amazonas, 1 ♂, Manaus, Reserva 1210, 03.x.1985, [armadilha] Malaise, B. Klein col[etor] ( INPA)  ; 1 ♂, Manaus, Reserva Ducke, 6–17.vii.1992, adesiva 1m, J. Vidal & J. Vidal col[etores] (INPA); Goiás, 1 ♂, Alto Paraíso, 26.x –2.xi.1985, MZ- Polonoroeste ( MZSP)  ; Espírito Santo, 1 ♂, Pinheiros, Res[erva] Biol [ógica] Córrego do Veado, Trilha Jaboti , 18°21'S 40°10'W, 27.xi. 6.xii.2011, [armadilha] Malaise, M.T. Tavares & eq[uipe] col[etores] ( UFES 114764View Materials)GoogleMaps  ; Minas Gerais, 1 ♂, Marliéria, P[arque] E[stadual] Rio Doce, Mata Vinhático , 19°37'S 42°34'W, 18–25.x.2001, clareira, arm[adilha] Malaise, JCR Fontenelle col[etor] ( UFES 109085View Materials)GoogleMaps  ; Espírito Santo, 1 ♂, João Neiva, Alto Bérgamo, mata, 478m, 19°44'46"S 40°26'43"W, 27.x –3.xi.2008, arm[adilha] Malaise, CO Azevedo & equipe col[etores] ( UFES 23065View Materials)GoogleMaps  ; 2 male, Cariacica, Res[erva] Biol[ógica] Duas Bocas, 09.ix.1996, varredura, H. Santos Sá col[etor] (UFES 10202; 10203); 1 ♂, 12.xi.1996 (UFES 10208); 1 ♂, 10.xii.1996 (UFES 10207); 1 ♂, (Alegre), 17.iv.2000 (UFES 41604); 1 ♂, (UFES 41663); 1 ♂, 05.xii.1996, varredura, C.O. Azevedo col[etor] (UFES 10195); 1 ♂, 07.i.1997 (UFES 10198); 1 ♂, Santa Maria de Jetibá, Fazenda Clarindo Krüger , 20°04'27.9"S 40°44'51.3"W, 29.xi –06.xii.2002, armadilha Malaise, Tavares, Azevedo e eq[uipe] col[etores] ( UFES 09743View Materials)GoogleMaps  ; 3 ♂, Domingos Martins, Pico do Eldorado , 20°22'17"S 40°39'29"W, 26.xi –03.xii.2004, [armadilha] Malaise, Tavares e eq[quipe] col[etores] ( UFES 09811View Materials; 09814; 09819)GoogleMaps  ; 1 ♂, Alfredo Chaves, Matilde, R[eserva]P[articular][do]P[atrimônio]N[atural] Oiutrem , 600–800m, 20°33'S 40°48'W, 14–21.x.2009, [armadilha] Malaise, C.O. Azevedo & eq[uipe] col[etores] ( UFES 125497View Materials)GoogleMaps  .

Distribution. Venezuela; Brazil: Amazonas, Goiás, Espírito Santo, Minas Gerais.


Canadian National Collection Insects


Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas da Amazonia


Sao Paulo, Museu de Zoologia da Universidade de Sao Paulo














Anisepyris tuberosus Santos & Azevedo, 2000

Barbosa, Diego N. & Azevedo, Celso O. 2018

Anisepyris tuberosus

Santos & Azevedo 2000