Anisepyris beori Barbosa & Azevedo,

Barbosa, Diego N. & Azevedo, Celso O., 2018, Revision of Anisepyris Kieffer (Hymenoptera, Bethylidae), with description of 135 new species, Zootaxa 4416 (1), pp. 1-258: 44-45

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Anisepyris beori Barbosa & Azevedo

sp. nov.

Anisepyris beori Barbosa & Azevedo  , sp. nov.

( Figs 6LView FIGURE6; 8E; 8N; 9D)

Description, female. Body length 6 mm. Head with green reflection; mesosoma with green reflection and metapectal-propodeal disc black; wings subhyaline; metasoma dark castaneous, lightening posterad. Head wide. Mandible with four distal teeth, narrow, curved, and with lower tooth wider than others. Median clypeal lobe angulate, short. Frons coriaceous  ; with frontal process; antennal scrobe ecarinate. Eye large. Frontal angle of ocellar triangle acute; ocelli small. Vertex straight. Pronotal disc as long as wide, sparsely punctured; transverse pronotal carina complete; posterior margin with posterior pronotal sulcus. Notaulus very narrow. Mesoscutellar disc with mesoscutellar sulcus narrow. Metapectal-propodeal disc long; metapostnotal median carina complete; longitudinal ridges present; metapostnotal-propodeal suture straight; paraspiracular carina present and inconspicuous; metapleural carina present and conspicuous; metapectal-propodeal disc with short striae; propodeal declivity strigate. Mesopleuron with anterior fovea closed; mesopleural fovea closed; lower fovea closed; posterior fovea absent; mesopleural suture opened. Forewing with stigma developed; Rs&M vein distinguished. Mesotibia not spinose; claws trifid. Metasomal segments densely setose. Genitalia. T9 with slender and with dorsal lap swollen posteriorly; 1vv longer than genitalia body; 2vv shorter than 1vv length, smoothly narrowing apicad; 3vv long; 1vf curved downward; 2vf slender, ventral margin angled, and with dorsal lap strongly swollen posteriorly; 1rv not curved, ventral process large, and posterior process long; 2rv not curved.

Material examined. Holotype, ♀, BRAZIL, Bahia, Ilhéus, Mata Esperança , 14°46'S 39°04'W, 18–21.v.2002, arm[adilha] Malaise, Penteado-Dias & eq[uipe] col[etores] ( UFES 29813View Materials)GoogleMaps  . Paratypes (45). GUYANA, Region 8, 1 ♀, Iworkrama, For[est] Res [erve], 100–200m, 4°40'19"N 58°41'04"W, v –vi.2001, FIT, Brooks & Falin [collectors] ( CNCI)GoogleMaps  ; SURINAME, Marowijne, 1 ♀, Perica 70 Km E Paramaribo on East , west road, 5m, 5°40'28"N 54°36'31"W, 31.v –, FIT, EGoogleMaps  . H. Falin, B. DeDjin [collectors] ( CNCI); ECUADOR, Pichincha, 1 ♀  , Center Cien[tific] R[io] Palen [que], 8.i.1981, Sonia sandoval col[etor] ( MZSP)  ; BRAZIL, Amazonas, Manaus, Base de instrução—2, clareira, 01–11.xii.1987, arm[adilha] suspensa baixa ( INPA)  ; 1 ♀, Reserva 1113, 22.v.1986, [armadilha] Malaise, B. Klein col[lector]  ; 1 ♀, Reserva 1208, 17.xii.1986, [armadilha] Malaise, B. Klein col[lector]  ; Pará, 1 ♀, Oriximiná, Porto de Trombetas , 01°27'S 56°30'W, 15–25.ii.2007, arm[adilha] Malaise, J. Cardoso & GGoogleMaps  . Costa col[etores] ( UFES 106026View Materials)  ; Rio Grande do Norte, 1 ♀, Patu, Caatinga, 06°06'S 37°37'W, xi.2008, arm[adilha] Malaise, D.R.R. Fernandes col[etor] ( UFES 115713View Materials)GoogleMaps  ; Rondônia, 1 ♀, Candeias do Jamarí, Batalhão da Polícia Militar   , BR 364, Km 2, 102m, 08°47'S 63°42'W, 28.i –04.ii.2006, [armadilha] Malaise, D.F. Mugrabi col[etor] ( UFES 126902View Materials)GoogleMaps  ; 1 ♀, Fazenda Rancho Grande, 62 Km S Ariquemes , 165m, 10.32S 62.48W, 12–22.xi.1991, E.M. Fisher collector ( UCDC)GoogleMaps  ; Sergipe, 1 ♀, S[na]ta Luzia de Itanhy, Crasto, 11°22'25.3"S 37°2504.5"W, Arm [adilha] Möricke— 05.vii –02.viii.2001, MTTavares col[etor] ( UFES 29683View Materials)  ; Bahia, 1 ♀, Ilhéus, Faz[enda] São José , 14°42'S 39°11'W, 09.xii.2003, arm[adilha] Malaise (CEPLAC)GoogleMaps  ; 1 ♀, Mata Esperança , 14°46'S 39°04'W, 15–18.v.2002, arm[adilha] Malaise, Penteado-Dias & eq[uipe] col[etores] ( UFES 29808View Materials)GoogleMaps  ; Espírito Santo, 1 ♀, Conceição da Barra, Res[erva] Biol [ógica] Córrego Grande, Lagoa dos Guaxos , 18°16'19.3"S 39°48'54.8"W, 08–13.iii.2006, [armadilha] E.S. Redigjieri & equipe col[etores] ( UFES 1View Materials 26589)GoogleMaps  ; 1 ♀, Parque Estadual de Itaúnas , 18°20'S 39°40'W, 23–25.xi.2006, [armadilha] Malaise 10, M.T. Tavares & equipe col[etores] ( UFES 126958View Materials)GoogleMaps  ; Minas Gerais, 1 ♀, Mariléria, P[arque] E[stadual] Rio Doce, Área Tereza , 19°37'S 42°34'W, 16.xi.2000, arm[adilha] Malaise, J.C.R. Fontenelle col[etor] ( UFES 102762)GoogleMaps  ; 1 ♀, Mata Vinhático , 26.x –2.xi.2000 ( UFES 109148View Materials)  ; 1 ♀, Área Tereza , 17–24.vii.2002 ( UFES 102857)  ; 1 ♀, 24–31.vii.2002 (UFES 102845); 1 ♀, Mata Vinhático , 9–16.xi.2003 ( UFES 103847View Materials)  ; 1 ♀, 10–13.xii.2003 (UFES 105348); 1 ♀, Área Tereza , 2–9.viii.2008 ( UFES 100786)  ; 1 ♀, Belo Horizonte , UFMG, prefeitura, 24.xi.1996,  —arm[adilha] Malaise, J.C.R. Fontenell col[etor] (UFMG); 1 ♀, 25.xi.1996; 1 ♀, 26.xi.1996; 1 ♀, Est [ação] Ecol [ógica], 27.xi.1996  ; Espírito Santo, 1 ♀, Santa Teresa, Est[ação] Biol [ógica] S[na]ta Lúcia , 638m, 19°58'19.5"S 40°32'10.3"W, 6–9.iv.2001, [armadilha] Malaise, C.O. Azevedo & equipe col[etores] ( UFES 29585View Materials)GoogleMaps  ; 1 ♀, Santa Maria de Jetibá—Faz [enda] Paulo Seick , 29.xi –06.xii.2002, armadilha Malaise, M.T. Tavares, C.O. Azevedo e eq[uipe] col[etores] ( UFES 29597View Materials)  ; 1 ♀, Faz [enda] Clarindo Krüger. 20°04'27.9"S 40°44'51.3"W, 29.xi –06.xii.2002, armadilha Malaise, Tavares, Azevedo e eq[quipe] col[etores] ( UFES 09757View Materials)GoogleMaps  ; 1 ♀, Alfredo Chaves, Picadão, mata, 714m, 20°27'53"S 40°42'35"W, 8–15.x.2007, arm[adilha] Malaise, C.O. Azevedo & eq[uipe] col[etores] (UFES 09064); São Paulo, 1 ♀, Ribeirão Preto, Algodão, arm[adilha] Möricke , 0,5m do solo, 23.ii.2001, N.W. Perioto & eq[uipe] col[etor] ( UFES 10329View Materials)  ; 1 ♀, 09.iii.2001 (UFES 10325); Paraná, 1 ♀, Colombo, EMBRAPA  , BR 476 Km 20, 25°17'S 49°14'W, 26.xi.1987, arm[adilha] Malaise, Lev[antamento] Ent [omológico] Profaupar ( DZUP)GoogleMaps  ; PARAGUAY, Cazaapá, 1 ♀, Hermosa, López family, San Rafaeal Res [erve], 80m, 26°18'29"S 55°45'03"W, 1–3.xii.2000, FIT, ZGoogleMaps  .H. Falin [collector] (CNCI); Itapua, Karonay 17KM W San Rafael, Res [erva], 90–110m, 26°45'53"S 55°50'37"W, 18–20.x.2000, FIT, ZGoogleMaps  . H. Falin ( CNCI); BRAZIL, Rio Grande do Sul, 2 ♀, Pelotas, 16m, arm[adilha] Malaise , 31°44'39"S 53°13'22"W, 12.iii.2004, RGoogleMaps  . F. Krüger col[etor] ( UFES 16673View Materials; 16674); 1 ♀, Capão do Leão, 7m, arm[adilha] Malaise , 31°48'16"S 52°24'13"W, 5.iii.2004, RGoogleMaps  .F. Krüger col[etor] (UFES 16716); 1 ♀, Arroio Grande, 101m, arm[adilha] Malaise , 32°13'22"S 53°11'57"W, 7.ii.2003, R.F. Krüger col[etor] ( UFES 16527View Materials)GoogleMaps  ; 2 ♀, 14.ii.2003 (UFES 15190; 15192); 1 ♀, 21.iii.2003 (UFES 15185); 1 ♀, 19.iii.2004 (UFES 15048); 1 ♀, 26.iii.2004 (UFES 16685); 1 ♀, 09.iv.2004 (UFES 16494).

Distribution. Guyana; Suriname; Ecuador; Brazil: Amazonas, Pará, Rio Grande do Norte, Rondônia, Sergipe, Bahia, Espírito Santo, Minas Gerais, São Paulo, Paraná, Rio Grande do Sul; Paraguay.

Remarks. This new species differs from A. analis ( Cresson, 1872)  by having the mandible not angled, with its teeth equally wide, and with the lowermost distal tooth longer than the others; the vertex straight; and the antennal scrobe ecarinate, whereas A. analis  has the mandible narrow, angled, with four distal teeth, and with the two upper teeth wider than the others; the vertex convex; and the antennal scrobe carinate.


Canadian National Collection Insects


Sao Paulo, Museu de Zoologia da Universidade de Sao Paulo


Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas da Amazonia


R. M. Bohart Museum of Entomology


Universidade Federal do Espirito Santo


Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais


Universidade Federal do Parana, Colecao de Entomologia Pe. Jesus Santiago Moure