Cucullanus (Cucullanus) cf. pinnai, Travassos, Artigas & Pereira, 1928

Ramallo, Geraldine, Cancino, Fabiana, Ruiz, Ana Lía & Ailán-Choke, Lorena Gisela, 2020, Gastrointestinal nematodes of freshwater fish from Pilcomayo River, Argentina including description of a new species of Procamallanus (Spirocamallanus), Zootaxa 4810 (3), pp. 468-480: 476-477

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Cucullanus (Cucullanus) cf. pinnai


Subspecies Cucullanus (Cucullanus) cf. pinnai   pinnai Travassos, Artigas & Pereira, 1928  

Host: Pimelodus albicans   (CI-FML# 2472) examined.

Locality: Misión La Paz, Pilcomayo River, Rivadavia Department , Province of Salta (22º22’10”S- 62º32’14”W) GoogleMaps  

Site of infection: stomach.

Quantitative descriptors: Table I.

Deposition of voucher specimen: CH-N-FML#7775.

General description. Medium sized nematodes. Oral opening dorsoventrally elongate, surrounded by narrow collarette with row of small teeth at its base. Esophagus muscular, expanded at anterior end to form pseudobuccal capsule (oesophastome); posterior part of esophagus also somewhat expanded. Nerve ring surrounding esophagus at distance from anterior end. Deirids small, pointed, located at short distance anterior to esophagus end, excretory pore slightly anterior to deirids level. Tail conical, pointed with pair small phasmids in both sexes.

Males (based on one specimen). Body length 4.19; maximum width 0.20. Muscular esophagus length 1.00. Nerve ring 0.30 from anterior end. Posterior region of body curved ventrally, with well-developed precloacal sucker located 0.40 from posterior end. Spicules equal, 0.50 long. Gubernaculum well sclerotized. Caudal papillae: 5 pairs preanal, 1 pair adanal, and 4 pairs postanal. Tail 0.10 long.

Females (based on four specimens). Body length 4.12-5.15; maximum width 0.20-0.25. Muscular esophagus length 1.00. Nerve ring 0.30-0.35 from anterior end, representing 30-35% of esophageal length. Vulva postequatorial. Uterus containing not fully developed eggs. Eggs numerous, oval-shaped; 0.03 long, 0.02 wide. Tail 0.20-0.23 long.