Dai, Wu & Zhang, Yalin, 2012, Taxonomic revision of the leafhopper tribe Agalliini (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae: Megophthalminae) from China, with description of new taxa, Zootaxa 3430, pp. 1-49: 20

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Genus Purvigallia  nov.

Type-species: Purvigallia maculata  sp. nov.

Ground color ochraceous with dark brown markings on head and pronotum.

Small robust leafhoppers. Macropterous. Head and thorax with granulate surface. Head slightly wider than pronotum, hind margin sinuately curved behind eyes; crown of head not much shortened medially. Face including eyes wider than long. Ocelli closer to each other than to adjacent eyes. Transclypeal suture absent, lateral margins of gena slightly concave beneath eyes. Pronotum with hind margin almost straight, anterior margin convex. Scutellum distinctly shorter than median length of pronotum. Forewings with inner and median subapical cells subdivided with cross veins. Fore femur with intercalary row of setae as thick as anteromedian row and arranged in arcuate row; anteroventral row of setae with AV 1 located ventrad of intercalary row ( Fig. 20View FIGURE 20 E). Hind femoral macrosetae 2 + 1. Hind tibial spinulation PD 5, AD 6, AV 5; metabasitarsomere with one platella and three setae on apical transverse row.

Male genitalia. Pygofer lobe constricted in posterior 0.33 and narrowed. Subgenital plates elongate oval with hair-like marginal setae. Styles with anterior lobe much shorter than posterior, inner fork about as longer as outer fork. Connective broader than long, anterior margin roundly produced, posterior margin medially concavely excavated. Aedeagus with long preatrium and pair of ventral processes sparsely covered with minute setae; shaft cylindrical, devoid of processes, strongly hooked with apical gonopore. Anal collar without process.

Female. Unknown.

Distribution. China (Yunnan).

Etymology. The generic name is derived from combination of two words Purvi + agallia  , the prefix is a Sanskrit word meaning early. The gender of the genus is feminine.

Remarks. Purvigallia  belongs to the group of genera with the hind margin of the head sinuate. It closely resembles Japanagallia  in having a cross vein between the claval veins but is more robust and the ocelli are closer to each other than to adjacent eyes. It also resembles Igerna  and Ianagallia in external appearance but differs from Igerna  in having a pair of ventral processes on the aedeagus and from Ianagallia in lacking a stout dorsal apodeme and having the aedeagal shaft stouter.