Caridina prashadi Tiwari and Pillai, 1971

Cai, Y., 2006, Atyid shrimps (Crustacea: Decapoda: Caridea) of the Ryukyu Islands, southern Japan, with descriptions of two new species, Journal of Natural History 40 (38 - 40), pp. 2123-2172: 2148-2150

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Caridina prashadi Tiwari and Pillai, 1971


Caridina prashadi Tiwari and Pillai, 1971  

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Caridina prashadi Tiwari and Pillai, 1971, p 79   , figs. 3–4 [type locality: Aberdeen (Port Blair), southern Andaman Island, India].

Caridina sakishimensis Fujino and Shokita, 1975, p 99   , fig. 5 [type locality: Sakishima islands in southern Ryukyus, Japan].

Caridina sakishimensis: Shokita 1979, p 205   ; Suzuki and Sato 1994, p 72, text-fig.

Caridina rapaensis: Shokita 2003, p 249   , fig. 18J; 2005b, p 217; 2006e, p 62; Shokita et al., 2003a, p 101.

Material examined

Paratype of Caridina sakishimensis   : 1 female, cl 7.2 mm, URB, Arakawabanna River , Yonaguni Island, Ryukyu Islands, coll. S. Shokita, 27 March 1972   . Others: 2 females, cl 3.9–4.0 mm, ZRC 2004.0581 View Materials , fast flowing water, upper part of Omija River , Iriomote Island , Ryukyu Islands, coll. Y. Cai and T. Naruse, 15 June 2000   ; 1 ovigerous female, cl 6.2 mm, ZRC 2004.0582 View Materials , coll. A. Kawakami, Aritsu River , Kume-jima, Ryukyu Islands, 8 December 1995   ; 1 male, cl 3.8 mm, URB, Omija River , Iriomote , Ryukyu Islands, coll. T. Naruse, 1 August 1999   ; 1 ovigerous female, cl 7.8 mm, 1 male, cl 8.1 mm, URB, a stream flowing to Haemida beach, Iriomote Island , Ryukyu Islands, coll. T. Naruse, July 1999   .


Rostrum straight, reaching near to middle of second segment of antennular peduncle. Rostral formula 1–6/3–6. Suborbital angle acute, fused with antennal spines; pterygostomian margin rectangular. Preanal carina with no spine. Telson with small posteromedial projection, lateral pair of spines shorter than intermediate pairs. Antennular peduncle 0.6 times as long as carapace. Stylocerite reaching 0.8 times length of basal segment of antennular peduncle. Scaphocerite 2.9 times as long as wide. First pereiopod with carpus 1.1–1.3 times as long as high, chela 2.0 times as long as broad, finger distinctly shorter than palm. Second pereiopod with carpus 4.5 times as long as high, chela 2.6 times as long as broad, fingers 1.5 times as long as palm. Third pereiopod with propodus 4.0–4.8 times as long as dactylus; dactylus ending in two claws, with two to four spines on flexor margin. Fifth pereiopod with propodus 4.5–5.0 times as long as dactylus, dactylus ending in one claw, with 29 spinules on flexor margin. Endopod of male first pleopod sub-triangular, with appendix interna. Uropodal diaeresis with 21–22 spinules.


Mountain streams or rivers.


Tiwari and Pillai (1971) described a new species, Caridina prashadi   , from the southern Andaman Islands. Fujino and Shokita (1975) did not compare it with C. prashadi   when they described C. sakishimensis   from Southern Ryukyus. It was subsequently recorded from Kume Island of the northern Ryukyus and Okinoerabu Island of the central Ryukyus ( Shokita 1979; Suzuki and Sato 1994). Examination of one fresh collection from the Andaman Islands (2 females, cl 4.0– 4.1 mm, 1 ovigerous female, ZRC, Mount Harriet National Park, south Andaman Islands, India, coll. Indranei Das, 20 August 1997) and re-examination of the types in the Ryukyu University, and the examination of fresh material from Iriomote Island indicated that C. sakishimensis   is, in fact, identical with C. prashadi   . The record of C. rapaensis   by Shokita (2003) was based on these specimens and should thus be reassigned here.


Andaman Islands, Ryukyu Islands.


Ryukyu University Department of Zoology


Tavera, Department of Geology and Geophysics


Zoological Reference Collection, National University of Singapore














Caridina prashadi Tiwari and Pillai, 1971

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Caridina rapaensis

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