Cyclopecten cancellus Dijkstra, 1991

Dijkstra, Henk H. & Beu, Alan G., 2018, Living Scallops of Australia and Adjacent Waters (Mollusca: Bivalvia: Pectinoidea: Propeamussiidae, Cyclochlamydidae and Pectinidae), Records of the Australian Museum (Rec. Aust. Mus.) 70 (2), pp. 113-330 : 149

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Cyclopecten cancellus Dijkstra, 1991


Cyclopecten cancellus Dijkstra, 1991 View in CoL

Figs 15H–I,K, 16

Cyclopecten cancellus Dijkstra, 1991: 21 View in CoL , figs 66–70; Dijkstra, 2001: 90, figs 33–35; Dijkstra & Moolenbeek, 2008: 18; Dijkstra & Maestrati, 2008: 97; Dijkstra & Maestrati, 2013b: 474.

Type data. Holotype (lv) RMNH56560 View Materials , 14 paratypes (v) RMNH56561–56566 View Materials . Type locality: Indonesia, Flores Sea, off SW Salayer, 6°22.4'S 120°26.3'E, dead, 130–155 m (SNELLIUS-II stn 4.153). GoogleMaps

Additional material examined. — AUSTRALIA: QUEENSLAND: off Cairns , 16°36'12"– 16°35'54"S 146°15' 24"– 146°14' 18"E, dead, 110–201 m (1 v, C.165464) GoogleMaps . WESTERNAUSTRALIA: S of Cowaramup Bay, near mouth of Margaret River, 33°57'S 114°59'E, dead (2 v, C.165468); Kilcarnup, N side of Margaret River , 33°57' S 114°59'E, dead, beach (1 v, C.374666); Ellensbrook, 33°55'S 115°0'E, dead, beach (2 v, WAM S12952 View Materials ) GoogleMaps ; Cowaramup , 33°52'S 115°0' E, dead (2 v [rudimentary internal riblets], WAM S12559 View Materials ; 1 v, WAM S12535 View Materials ) GoogleMaps ; Rottnest Island , 32°0'S 115°30'E, dead, beach (9 v, WAM415.91 View Materials ) GoogleMaps ; Rottnest Island, Bathurst Point , 32°0'S 115°30'E, dead, beach (1 v, WAM414.91 View Materials ) GoogleMaps ; Rottnest Island, Ricey Beach , 32°0'S 115°30'E, dead, beach (3 v, WAM413.91 View Materials ; 1 v, C.165465) GoogleMaps ; Cottesloe, Cable Station , 33°0'S 115°45' E, dead (1 v, WAM481.91 View Materials ) GoogleMaps ; NW of Beagle Island , 29°43'S 114°17'E, dead, 274–283 m (1 v, C.165466) GoogleMaps . — NEW CALEDONIA: off New Caledonia , 20°16'S 169°51'E, alive, 85–100 m GoogleMaps (2 pr, C.165234).

Figure 16. Distribution of Cyclopecten cancellus Dijkstra (circles), C. horridus Dijkstra (star), C. powelli Dell (triangle) and C. reticulatus sp. nov. (squares).

Description. Shell small, up to c. 3 mm high, convex, subcircular, opaque, whitish to cream, wider than high, inequivalve, almost equilateral, left valve slightly more convex than right, auricles almost equal in size, umbonal angle c. 100°.

Left valve with coarse reticulate sculpture with scaly intersections, radial riblets (c. 10) more prominent than commarginal lamellae, both widely spaced, commencing at 0.5 mm shell height and increasing in prominence ventrally, with secondary interstitial radial riblets. Auricles with 1–2 radial riblets crossed by prominent commarginal lamellae.

Right valve with closely spaced commarginal lamellae. Anterior auricle with 2–4 weak radial riblets, posterior smooth. Dorsal margin straight. Byssal notch moderately deep, byssal fasciole narrow.

Habitat. Living in the sublittoral and bathyal zones amongst rubble on soft bottoms.

Distribution. Indonesia, 130–375 m, dead; Vanuatu, 140–175 m, dead (Dijkstra, 1991, 2001); Fiji, 500–614 m, dead (Dijkstra & Maestrati, 2008). Now also from New Caledonia (85–100 m) and Australia (beach drift and 110–283 m, dead).

Remarks. The present species is similar to the type specimens from Indonesia, although some specimens from Western Australia have some rudimentary internal riblets, which are lacking in typical specimens.

Cyclopecten cancellus is a new record for Australia (empty shells only).


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Cyclopecten cancellus Dijkstra, 1991

Dijkstra, Henk H. & Beu, Alan G. 2018

Cyclopecten cancellus

Dijkstra 1991: 21
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