Gill, Raymond, 2012, A preliminary report on the World species of Bemisia Quaintance and Baker and its congeners (Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae) with a comparative analysis of morphological variation and its role in the recognition of species Raymond Gill, Insecta Mundi 2012 (219), pp. 1-99 : 11

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Bemisia   . Other authors including Bink-Moenen (1991) have since placed it back into Neopealius   .

The species Aleyrodes rosae Korobitsin   is also considered a synonym by Huldén (1986). It resembles some Aleyrodes species   , but the 7 th abdominal segment is narrower than the other segments. It resembles tabaci   in having one pair of pore/porette combinations on the 1 st abdominal segment and long caudal setae, but differs in having a full complement of 14 well developed submarginal setae, a more rounded versus oval body shape, and a paucity of pore/porette groups in the area between the submargin and the edges of the dorsal disc. It does not show any B. afer   characteristics. It may belong in the tabaci complex of species. Bink-Moenen (1991) discussed the morphological details of the species, and noted that the compound eyes have a two-ommatidium connection. two species in the genus Aleyrodes   , A. spiraeoides Quaintance   and A. borchsenii Danzig   (see Fig. 58 and 61). The 7 th abdominal segment is subequal in width to the other segments, a characteristic of

Aleyrodes   . In some specimens, all of the submarginal setae are elongate.