Heatherella Walter, 1997

Seeman, Owen D., Minor, Maria, Baker, Michelle R. & Walter, David Evans, 2018, A revision of the Heatherellidae (Parasitiformes: Mesostigmata) with a new genus and two new species from Australasia, Zootaxa 4434 (3), pp. 441-465 : 444

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Heatherella Walter, 1997


Heatherella Walter, 1997

Heatherella walter, 1997 : 168.

Type species— Heatherella acanthocharis walter, 1997 , by original designation.

Diagnosis: With the revised characteristics of the family (see above). Adult: sternal seta st 1 in soft cuticle; peritremes absent; ventral seta JV3 small, simple, inserted on anal rim; opisthogaster lacking deep concavities flanking anus, and with nine pairs of setae (ZV5 absent), setae JV5 placed caudally, well posteromesad setae JV4; marginal protuberances with their setae disassociated, usually arising anterior to each protuberance; tibia I with 13 setae (av2 present). Dorsal shields sexually dimorphic: female with podonotal-mesonotal shield and latinotal shield, males with podonotal shield (anterior latinotal shield fused with podonotal shield) and three mesonotal shields (one medial, two lateral). Both sexes with podonotal shield fused anteriorly with marginal shield. Female: lateral shields entire, not divided into podonotal and mesonotal sections. Male: setae st5 on medial extension of opisthogastric-peritrematal-marginal shield, separate from st1–4.