Aheatherella, Seeman & Minor & Baker & Walter, 2018

Seeman, Owen D., Minor, Maria, Baker, Michelle R. & Walter, David Evans, 2018, A revision of the Heatherellidae (Parasitiformes: Mesostigmata) with a new genus and two new species from Australasia, Zootaxa 4434 (3), pp. 441-465 : 452

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Aheatherella n. gen. Seeman, Minor, Baker & Walter

Type species— Aheatherella mira n. sp.

Diagnosis: With the revised characteristics of the family (see above). Adult: sternal seta st1 on sclerotised jugularia; peritremes present, short but well-developed; ventral seta JV3 well-developed, not inserted on anal rim; opisthogaster with deep concavities flanking anus and with ten pairs of setae (ZV5 present), setae JV5 placed ventrally, directly behind JV4; marginal protuberances with their setae closely associated, arising on dorsal surface of each protuberance; tibia I with 12 setae (av2 absent). Dorsal shields monomorphic: both sexes with entire podonotal-mesonotal shield; lateral shields divided into podonotal and mesonotal sections; dorsal and lateral shields free anteriorly from marginal shield. Male: setae st5 on sternogenital shield.

Etymology: The generic name is derived from the type genus of the family and the prefix ‘a’, Greek for ‘not’ or ‘away from’.