Croton urucurana Baillon (1864: 335)

Pereira, Amanda Da Paixão Noronha, Riina, Ricarda & Caruzo, Maria Beatriz Rossi, 2022, Croton (Euphorbiaceae) of the Brazilian state of Paraná: an annotated checklist, species distribution, and identification key, Phytotaxa 570 (3), pp. 231-274 : 262

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Croton urucurana Baillon (1864: 335)


39. Croton urucurana Baillon (1864: 335) View in CoL .

Lectotype (designated by Santos et al. 2017): — BRAZIL. s. loc., s.d., A. Saint-Hilaire s.n. ( P 00634744 !, isolectotypes P 00634745!, P 00634746!) ; Remaining syntypes: — BRAZIL. Minas Gerais: Sabará, 1844, H.A. Weddel 1353 (P 00634750!); Minas Gerais: s.d., P.C.D. Claussen 770 (G-DC 00311423!, P 00634746!, P 00634747!, SP 000667!). ( Fig. 19 View FIGURE 19 , H–J)

Croton urucurana is a medium-sized tree that can be recognized by its cordate leaves with sessile acropetiolar nectary glands, and inflorescences with proximal bisexual cymules. It can be confused with C. gracilipes and C. celtidifolius , however, they can be differentiated by vegetative and reproductive characters (see under C. gracilipes and C. celtidifolius ). The species belongs to section Cyclostigma .

Distribution e habitat:— It occurs in Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil (AC, AM, BA, DF, ES, GO, MG, MS, MT, PA, PR, RJ, RO, RS, SC, SP, TO) ( Santos et al. 2017, Caruzo et al. 2020), where it grows in edges of semideciduous seasonal forest, riparian forest, disturbed areas, and ‘capoeira’, between 220 and 615 m elevation ( Fig. 20 View FIGURE 20 ).

Phenology:— Flowering and fruiting throughout the year.

Representative specimens:— PARANÁ: Altônia, Porto Byngton , 22 June 1966, J . Lindeman & H . Haas 1688 ( MBM). Arapoti, Rio das Cinzas , 26 June 1996, M. V. F . Tomé 877 ( MBM). Cornélio Procópio, arredores, 22 November 2000, J . Carneiro 823 ( MBM). Fênix, Fazenda Corumbataí , 30 June 2006, O. S . Ribas & J. M . Silva 7339 ( FURB, MBM, UNOP) . Guaíra, Rio Piquiri , 18 January 2003, C . Kozera 1719 ( MBM, UPCB) .


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