Palaealeurodicus cinnamomi (Takahashi)

Martin, Jon H., 2008, A revision of Aleurodicus Douglas (Sternorrhyncha, Aleyrodidae), with two new genera proposed for palaeotropical natives and an identification guide to world genera of Aleurodicinae, Zootaxa 1835 (1), pp. 1-100: 49

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Palaealeurodicus cinnamomi (Takahashi)

comb. nov.

Palaealeurodicus cinnamomi (Takahashi)   comb. nov.

(Fig. 77)

Aleurodicus cinnamomi Takahashi, 1951: 1   . Lectotype here designated, West Malaysia (BMNH).

DISTRIBUTION. Austro-oriental Region – Singapore, West Malaysia.

MATERIAL EXAMINED. Lectotype puparium (female), West Malaysia, Cameron Highlands, on Machilus sp.   ( Lauraceae   ), 01.x.1944 (R. Takahashi) ( BMNH, Brit. Mus. 1955-799); paralectotypes, 27 puparia (female), 5 puparia (male), 5 dissected pre-emergence adult females, 3 dissected pre-emergence adult males, same data as lectotype ( BMNH, USNM). Other material: 4 parasitised puparia (formerly syntypes), Singapore [“Malaya, Shonan”], no host data, 21.xii.1942 (R. Takahashi) ( BMNH, Brit. Mus. 1955-799); 15 puparia, Singapore, Bukit Timah Forest Reserve, on Nothaphoebe umbelliflora   ( Lauraceae   ), 13.v.2000 (Martin) ( BMNH).

COMMENTS. Takahashi (1951) specified both Singapore and Malaya as original localities for his syntype series, but two slides in BMNH (presented by the Director of the then Selangor Museum) are both labelled “Malaya”. However , one also has the collecting locality “Shonan”, which is the name which the Japanese (who were occupiers of the region from 1942-1945) bestowed upon Singapore: the material was collected in 1942. Singapore / Shonan was regarded as part of Malaya at that time. The Singapore slide is a cavity slide containing four parasitised puparia only, with the parasitoid pupae having been removed from three of the whitefly puparia and mounted separately under the same coverslip: this slide has not warranted remounting   .

The second syntypic slide in BMNH contained over 30 specimens (detailed above), which had received little preparation prior to mounting. As part of this study, this material has been macerated, de-waxed, stained and remounted onto seven new slides, one slide bearing the original labels. The determination “ Aleurodicus cinnamomi Takahashi   ” over-lay an earlier label “ Aleurodicus machili Takahashi   ”, which has now been left exposed for historical reasons – Takahashi had apparently initially thought it to be A. machili   which he himself had described in 1931. The remainder of the data from this second original slide are “ Machilus, Cameron   Highlands, 1.x.1944, R. Takahashi, Brit. Mus. 1955-799”. The lectotype is one of four female puparia on the slide bearing the original labels, and is clearly indicated; one of the new paralectotype slide preparations has been presented to USNM   .


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Palaealeurodicus cinnamomi (Takahashi)

Martin, Jon H. 2008

Aleurodicus cinnamomi

Takahashi, R. 1951: 1