Stylochirus fimetarius Müller, 1860, Muller, 1860

Trach, V. A., 2016, New records of carabid-associated mesostigmatic mites (Acari: Mesostigmata) from Ukraine with description of adults of Halodarcia carabidophila Evans and Fain, 1995 (Halolaelapidae), Acarologia 56 (4), pp. 587-601: 594

publication ID 10.1051/acarologia/20164146


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Stylochirus fimetarius Müller, 1860


Stylochirus fimetarius Müller, 1860  

Material examined — five deutonymphs from Pterostichus melanarius (Illiger, 1798)   , Ukraine, Crimea, Yalta City Municipality, vicinity of Alupka (44°27’N, 34°02’E), Ai-Petri , Crimean Mountains , 09 Sep. 2001, A. Khaustov coll. GoogleMaps   ; one deutonymph from Carabus auronitens Fabricius, 1792   , Ukraine, Zakarpattia Region, Rahiv District, vicinity of Bilyn (48°06’N, 24°12’E), Carpathian Mountains , polonyna Dumyn , 19 May 2002, A. Gontarenko coll. GoogleMaps   ; five deutonymphs from Carabus gyllenhali Fischer von Waldheim, 1827   , Ukraine, Crimea, Yalta City Municipality, vicinity of Yalta (44°31’N, 34°08’E), Crimean Mountains , 27 Sep. 2005, V. Trach coll. GoogleMaps   ; thirteen deutonymphs from Carabus convexus Fabricius, 1775   , Ukraine, Odessa Region, Kodyma District, vicinity of Alexandrovka (48°00’N, 29°14’E), forest, 23 May 2009, V. Trach coll. GoogleMaps   ; two deutonymphs from Carabus cancellatus Illiger, 1798   , Ukraine, Crimea, Bahchisaray District, vicinity of Verhnyaya Kutuzovka (44°44’N, 34°20’E), pond of Kutuzovskoe Lake , 26 May 2010, A. Khaustov coll. GoogleMaps  

Distribution — Palaearctic ( Bregetova   , 1977b).

Remarks — Mites of S. fimetarius   were found on the ventral or dorsal side of beetles and under the elytra.


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