Anaptomecus temii, Jaeger & Rheims & Labarque, 2009

Jaeger, Peter, Rheims, Cristina & Labarque, Facundo, 2009, On the huntsman spider genera Sparianthina Banks, 1929 and Anaptomecus Simon, 1903 from South and Central America (Araneae, Sparassidae), ZooKeys 16 (16), pp. 115-147 : 141-143

publication ID 10.3897/zookeys.16.236

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Anaptomecus temii

sp. n.

Anaptomecus temii sp. n.

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Type material. ♁ holotype from Panama, Panama Province, P. Nac. Altos de Campana, 1 hectare Pancoding inventory, [8°41’00.4” N, 79°55’47.4” W], 895 m, 14.–19. VI.2007, M. Arnedo, D. Dimitrov, G. Hormiga, F. Labarque, M. Ramírez leg., vou- cher codes SCU2NDH005, preparation codes FML-00605 ( MACN 16834 View Materials ). Paratype: 1 ♁, same data as for holotype GoogleMaps ; voucher codes SCB1DGR001, preparation codes LNP-00397-398 ( MCNB 2008-0987 View Materials ) .

Etymology. The specific name honours Temistocles “Temi” Tejedor, who provided logistic support to the PANCODING team during the fieldwork in Panama in June 2007 and 2008 that led to the discovery of this species. His hospitality and friendship were essential for the successful bioinventoring of the spiders and water beetles of the Panamanian cloud forests; name in genitive case.

Diagnosis. Males: embolus emerging mesally with well developed teeth at base and a smooth lamina at the end, conductor reduced, RTA relatively close to cymbium ( Figs 100-101 View Figures 100-101 ).

Description. Male (MACN 16834, holotype). Total length 10.87. Prosoma: 4.08 long, 2.92 wide. Opisthosoma: 6.79 long, 1.72 wide. Eye diameters and interdistances: AME 0.20, ALE 0.18, PME 0.16, PLE 0.18, AME–AME 0.12, AME–ALE 0.08, PME–PME 0.18, PME–PLE 0.22, AME–PME 0.26, ALE–PLE 0.24. Legs: I: femur 10.76, patella 1.80, tibia 12.22, metatarsus 12.71, tarsus 3.08, total 40.57; II: 10.11, 1.94, 11.57, 12.71, 2.96, 39.29; III: 6.79, 1.50, 7.35, 6.95, 1.96, 24.55; IV: 8.81, 1.60, 8.65, 9.70, 2.44, 31.2. Leg formula 1243. Spination: femur I–II: p1-1-1; d1-0-1; r1-1- 1; femur III: p1-1-1; r1-1-1; femur IV: p1-1-0; r1-0-0; tibia I–II: p1-1-0; d1-1-0; r1-1- 0; v2-2-0; tibia III–IV: p1-1-0; d0-1-0; r1-1-0; v2-2-0; metatarsus I–II: p1-0-0; r1-0-0; v2-2-0; metatarsus III: p1-1-0; r1-1-0; v2-2-0; metatarsus IV: p1-1-1; r1-1-1; v2-2-2.

Colouration. Prosoma pale yellow with brown margins, anterior dots and fovea. Chelicerae pale yellow. Pedipalps and legs pale yellow with olive green markings at the base of the spines. Sternum, gnathocoxae and labium pale yellow. Opisthosoma pale orange, with three yellow and white large dots laterally.

Variation. Males (n=2): total length 10.87-10.59; prosoma 4.08-3.76; femur I 11.25-10.76.

Distribution. Eastern Panama.