Pyrgomorpha conica tereticornis Brullé, 1840

Massa, Bruno, 2009, New and less known Orthoptera (Insecta) from the island of Socotra (Yemen), Zootaxa 2132, pp. 53-64 : 56

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Pyrgomorpha conica tereticornis Brullé, 1840


Pyrgomorpha conica tereticornis Brullé, 1840

Material examined. Socotra , Hom Hil 5.IV. 2008, B.Massa (4 Ƥ), 23-24.II. 2009, P.Lo Cascio & F.Griti (2 nymphs); Qalansiyah river (Shata) 6.IV. 2008, B.Massa (2 Ƥ, 1 nymph); Qalansiyah Mt. 6.IV. 2008, B.Massa (13, 2Ƥ); Ra’s Shoab 6.IV. 2008, B.Massa (13, 1Ƥ); Zam Hom 8.IV. 2008, B.Massa (2 Ƥ); Di Hamri Beach 9.IV. 2008, B.Massa (13, 1Ƥ); Wadi Ayev 10.IV. 2008, B.Massa (2 Ƥ); Wadi Da’arho 21.II. 2009, P.Lo Cascio & F.Griti (1 Ƥ); Dacsa Is. 27.II. 2009, P.Lo Cascio & F.Griti (2 Ƥ).

Remarks. Uvarov and Popov (1957) reported from Socotra P. cognata Krauss, 1877 . However, according to Hsiung and Mc Kevan (1975), while the subspecies P. conica kurii Hsiung et Mc Kevan, 1975 occurs on the islet of Abd-el-Kuri (not far from Socotra ), on Socotra a species to be assigned to P. conica tereticornis , but characterized by a very long head, occurs. Compared with long series of African specimens, those above listed are characterized by a very small size. Its presence on Dacsa Is. was previously unrecorded.

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