Agromyza pseudoreptans Nowakowski

Eiseman, Charles S., Lonsdale, Owen, Linden, John Van Der, Feldman, Tracy S. & Palmer, Michael W., 2021, Thirteen new species of Agromyzidae (Diptera) from the United States, with new host and distribution records for 32 additional species, Zootaxa 4931 (1), pp. 1-68 : 6-7

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Agromyza pseudoreptans Nowakowski


Agromyza pseudoreptans Nowakowski  

Material examined. MASSACHUSETTS: Franklin Co., Northfield, 276 Old Wendell Rd. , 26.x–1.xi.2017, em. 2–8.v.2018, C.S. Eiseman, ex Urtica dioica   , # CSE4463 , CNC1135695–1135702 View Materials (3♁ 5♀)   .

Photographed mines. IOWA: Linn Co., Cedar Rapids / ICNC, 6.xi.2011, J. Zito, Urtica dioica   [vacated mine], BG 592789 View Materials   ; MARYLAND: Harford Co., Susquehanna State Park , 28.v.2018, J. Emm, Urtica dioica, BG   1527598   .

Host. Urticaceae   : Urtica dioica L.  

Leaf mine. A dark greenish linear-blotch, turning brown; following the leaf margin for several serrations and

then expanding away from it. The egg is often laid near the leaf margin but may be laid along a lateral vein away from the margin, in which case the initial linear portion meanders until reaching the margin. Frass is deposited in numerous irregular, dark lumps.

Puparium. Brown; formed outside the mine.

Phenology and voltinism. This species is bivoltine, with a summer pupal diapause and an exceptionally latefeeding fall generation. A photograph taken in Maryland shows an occupied mine on 28 May. A larva collected in Vermont in late June emerged as an adult in mid-October ( Eiseman & Lonsdale 2018). Larvae of our new reared series were active in Massachusetts from late October into early November, and in Washington we found larvae feeding as late as 3 December 2018.

Distribution. USA: AK, CA, [IA], ID, *MA, [MD], MN, OR, VT, WA; Canada: AB, BC, MB, NT, ON, QC; Europe; Georgia, Kazakhstan; Russian Far East ( Nartshuk & von Tschirnhaus 2017; Eiseman & Lonsdale 2018).