Diptera, : West, 1862

R. G. Beutel & S. N. Gorb, 2001, Ultrastructure of attachment specializations of hexapods (Arthropoda): evolutionary patterns inferred from a revised ordinal phylogeny, J. Zool. Syst. Evol. Research 39, pp. 177-207: 182

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http://doi.org/ 10.1046/j.1439-0469.2001.00155.x

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34 Diptera 

Less than five tarsomeres are found in few representatives of Diptera  . An arolium is present in tipulids ( Fig. 6EView Fig. 6; Rees and Ferris 1939; Hennig 1973) and hairy pulvilli in adults of other groups ( Figs 3b,cView Fig. 3, 7A –C,EView Fig. 7). A lobe­like, pulvilliform empodium is present as an additional adhesive structure in tabanoids (Brachycera) and representatives of Nematocera excl. Tipulidae  ( Figs 3cView Fig. 3, 7AView Fig. 7; Snodgrass 1959).