Schizachyrium sanguineum (Retz.) Alston

Camargo Keller, Victor, Lopes Pereira-Silva, Erico Fernando & Hardt, Elisa, 2021, High richness, new occurrences, and threatened species in a savanna grassland remnant in the largest Brazilian metropolis, Check List 17 (2), pp. 507-549: 539-543

publication ID 10.15560/17.2.507

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Schizachyrium sanguineum (Retz.) Alston


Schizachyrium sanguineum (Retz.) Alston  

Identification. Perennial tussock grass, 0.65–1.5 m height. Leaf-blades linear, glabrous or hairy, 8–30 cm long, 0.2–0.5 cm wide, with marginal trichomes. Distinguished by its erect inflorescence with few to many branches and sessile spikelets with a 15–18 mm long awn.

Remarks. Common species on the native grassland and roadsides.

Brazilian range. Midwest, North (except AC state), Northeast (BA, MA and PE states), South (except RS state) and Southeast regions.

Material examined. BRAZIL – São Paulo • Franco da Rocha, Parque Estadual do Juquery ; 23°20′17″S, 046°41′40″W; 26 Apr. 2018; collection number vck293; HUFABC2213 GoogleMaps   .