Masner Mikó & Deans, 2009

Miko, Istvan & Deans, Andrew, 2009, Masner, a new genus of Ceraphronidae (Hymenoptera, Ceraphronoidea) described using controlled vocabularies, ZooKeys 20 (20), pp. 127-153 : 134

publication ID 10.3897/zookeys.20.119

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Masner Mikó & Deans

gen. n.

Masner Mikó & Deans , gen. n.

Figs 1A-4C, 4E, 5A-B; see also Morphbank 7 [collection 470970]

Type species: Masner lubomirus Deans & Mikó , sp. n. by monotypy and current designation.

Diagnosis. Masner gen. n. is distinguishable from all other Ceraphronoidea by three character states: the sensillar patch present on flagellomere 5 but absent from flagellomeres 6–9 (sf: Figs 5A, B View Figure 5 ), dorsally visible depression surrounding anterior part of the petiole and the irregular areolate sculpture of the dorsal cranium. It differs from all other Ceraphronidae in presence of pterostigma (sg: Fig 3A) and occipital depression (od: Fig. 1B). Masner gen. n. belongs to Ceraphronidae on the basis of the presence of calcar comb, absence of anterior mesotibial spur, uniramous anterior protibial spur (calcar), absence of anteriorly delimited narrow region of synsternite, presence of axillular setae and parossiculus fused with gonostipes and presence of Waterston's evaporatorium.

Etymology. The new genus group name is the Latinized family name of Lubomír Masner , who discovered the unique character combination of Masner gen. n., the presence of pterostigma on the wing and lacking posterior apical mesotibial spur and presorted the specimens of the new genus. Gender is masculine.