Semidysderina sturmi, Platnick & Dupérré, 2011

Platnick, Norman I. & Dupérré, Nadine, 2011, The Andean Goblin Spiders Of The New Genera Paradysderina And Semidysderina (Araneae, Oonopidae), Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History 2011 (364), pp. 1-121 : 120

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Semidysderina sturmi

sp. nov.

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TYPES: Male holotype and female allotype from montane forest litter taken at an elevation of 1600 m at Resinas , 1 ° 559N, 75 ° 429W, Huila, Colombia (June 8, 1956; H. Sturm), deposited in MCZ (PBI_OON 37005) .

ETYMOLOGY: The specific name is a patronym in honor of Helmut Sturm, collector of the types.

DIAGNOSIS: Males have a small palpal bulb with a short, simple embolus (figs.14;864– 867); females have only a slight, slitlike genital atrium, and a short, separate postepigastric scutum (figs. 871–873).

MALE (PBI_OON 37005, figs. 861–867): Total length 1.26. Elevated portion of pars cephalica appears reticulate. Chilum small, wide, triangular. Sternum surface finely reticulate. Anterior ledge of paturon with slight tubercle at outer margin. Endites with ventral process relatively short, wide. Leg spination: femur I p0- 0-2; tibiae: I v4-4-0, II v4-2-0; metatarsi: I v2-2- 1p, II v2-2-0. Embolus long, narrow, distal twothirds directed obliquely; cymbium completely fused with bulb, no seam visible.

FEMALE (PBI_OON 37005, figs. 868– 873): Total length 1.47. Postepigastric scutum only around epigastric furrow. Leg spination: femur I p0-0-2; tibiae: I v4-4-1p, II v4-4-0; metatarsi: I v2-2-1p, II v2-2-0. Atrium reduced to short, wide slit, both anterior and posterior margins rebordered; anterior genitalic process widened anteriorly; apodemes long, parallel.

OTHER MATERIAL EXAMINED: Three females taken with the types (AMNH).

DISTRIBUTION: Central Colombia (Huila).













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