Nyctiophylax (Nyctiophylax) Brauer

Oláh, János & Johanson, Kjell Arne, 2010, Generic review of Polycentropodidae with description of 32 new species and 19 new species records from the Oriental, Australian and Afrotropical Biogeographical Regions 2435, Zootaxa 2435 (1), pp. 1-63: 41

publication ID 10.11646/zootaxa.2435.1.1


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Nyctiophylax (Nyctiophylax) Brauer


Nyctiophylax (Nyctiophylax) Brauer  

Diagnosis: Species in the subgenus Nyctiophylax (Nyctiophylax)   have forewings without looping anal veins. The cerci are robust, usually arising below the upper angle of sternite IX. The gonopods are robust and lacking a basal bend.