Horvathinia pelocoroides Montandon, 1911,

Almeida, Thaís Melo de, Stefanello, Fabiano & Hamada, Neusa, 2019, Belostomatidae (Heteroptera: Nepomorpha) held in the Invertebrate Collection of the Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas da Amazônia, Manaus, Brazil: inventory and new distributional records, Papéis Avulsos de Zoologia 59, pp. 1-23: 19

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http://doi.org/ 10.11606/1807-0205/2019.59.06



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Horvathinia pelocoroides Montandon, 1911


Horvathinia pelocoroides Montandon, 1911 

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Known distribution: ARGENTINA: Misiones, Chaco, Corrientes ( Schnack & Estévez, 2005). BOLIVIA: Chapare, Chipiriri ( Schnack & Estévez, 2005). BRAZIL: São Paulo, Rio Grande do Sul.( Montandon, 1911; Schnack & Estévez, 2005; Ribeiro et al., 2018). PARAGUAY: Cuá Guazú ( Schnack & Estévez, 2005).

Material examined: 4 males and 1 female, pinned, BRAZIL, Rondônia, near from Pimenta Bueno municipality, Guaporé river, 12°13’19”S 60°32’44”W, 23. IV.2006, J.A. Rafael & F.F. Xavier Fº colls., T.M. Almeida det.

Notes: This is the first record of Horvathinia  to Rondônia state ( Brazil).


Tavera, Department of Geology and Geophysics