Anthidiellum (Loyolanthidium) notatum notatum (Latreille 1809)

Gibbs, Jason, Ascher, John S., Rightmyer, Molly G. & Isaacs, Rufus, 2017, The bees of Michigan (Hymenoptera: Apoidea: Anthophila), with notes on distribution, taxonomy, pollination, and natural history, Zootaxa 4352 (1), pp. 1-160 : 98-99

publication ID 10.11646/zootaxa.4352.1.1

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Anthidiellum (Loyolanthidium) notatum notatum (Latreille 1809)


Anthidiellum (Loyolanthidium) notatum notatum (Latreille 1809) View in CoL (New state record)

County records: Berrien, Cass, Ingham, Livingston.

Notes. This species has not been recorded previously from Michigan although it was expected to be found here based on its wide distribution including southern Ontario (J.G. pers. obs.) and northern Indiana ( Grundel et al. 2011). Several specimens were collected recently in the southern LP and a single historical specimen has been identified. Recent collections from two sites in different counties include males of two subspecies: A. notatum notatum and A. notatum boreale (Robertson) (see below). Anthidiellum boreale is distinguished from the nominal subspecies (widespread in the Eastern United States) by the truncated paraocular maculations, absence of axillar maculations and presence of a medial longitudinal carina on T6 and T7 of males ( Mitchell 1962). Nest from North Carolina described by Baker et al. (1985).

Material examined. Berrien Co.: 3.5 km ENE Niles, 9 Aug. 2011, Trifolium hybridum (1 ♂ MSUC: RI) ; SWMREC, 21 Aug. 2015, Lespedeza hirta (1 ♀ MSUC: RI) ; Cass Co.: Edward Lowe Foundation , N41.945 W86.01, 26 Aug. 2013 (1 ♂ JBWM) GoogleMaps ; Edward Lowe Foundation, N41.968 W85.993, 27 Aug. 2013 (1 ♂ JBWM) GoogleMaps , (2 ♀ Cirsium arvense (L.) Scop., 1 ♀ Cichorium intybus L., 1 ♂ Securigera varia L. (Lassen) MSUC: RI) ; Ingham Co.: Michigan State University , south campus/horticultural garden, N42.721 W84.473, Lotus corniculatus L. 21 Jul. 2014 (1 ♂), 4 Aug. 2013 (1 ♂), 23 Aug. 2013 (1 ♂), ( JBWM) GoogleMaps ; Livingston Co.: E. S. George Reserve , 11 Aug. 1975 (F.C. Evans), Monarda fistulosa (1 ♂ UMMZ) .

Additional material. CANADA: Ontario: North York Dist.: York University , N43.775 W79.505 Lotus corniculatus , 19 Jul. 2008 (1♂), 11 Aug. 2008 (1♂), ( JBWM) GoogleMaps .

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