Synalpheus androsi Coutière, Coutiere

Iii, Kenneth S Macdonald, Hultgren, Kristin & Duffy, Emmett, 2009, The sponge-dwelling snapping shrimps (Crustacea, Decapoda, Alpheidae, Synalpheus) of Discovery Bay, Jamaica, with descriptions of four new species, Zootaxa 2199, pp. 1-57: 7-9

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Synalpheus androsi Coutière


Synalpheus androsi Coutière  

Figure 2, Color plate 1 C

Material examined. Jamaica: Non-ovigerous individual, ovigerous female ( VIMS 08JAM3301,02), fore-reef (near M 1 channel marker), Discovery Bay, from canals of Hyattella intestinalis   . 2 non-ovigerous individuals, ovigerous female ( VIMS 08JAM 6501 -03), Columbus Park, Discovery Bay, from canals of H. intestinalis   . MaxCL ovigerous female: 4.55 mm. MaxCL non-ovigerous individual: 4.62 mm. Belize: Non-ovigerous individual ( VIMS 04CBC0402), Curlew Reef, Belize, from canals of H. intestinalis   .

Color. Transparent, faintly blue-violet; distal portion of major chela brown-green; embryos brownish or dark green (see Color plate 1 C).

Hosts and ecology. In Belize (Macdonald et al. 2006; Ríos and Duffy 2007), as well as in Jamaica (present study), S. androsi   seems to be a pair-forming specialist inhabiting the canals of H. intestinalis   .

Distribution. Bahamas ( Coutière 1909); Belize (Macdonald et al. 2006; Ríos and Duffy 2007); Jamaica (this study).

Remarks. The unique diagnostic structure of S. androsi   , matching concave flexor surfaces of the carpus and merus of the 3 rd pereopod, ( Coutière 1909) is not as evident in these individuals as in those from other regions (especially in regards to the carpus), but is still distinct enough to recognize this species (see Fig. 2 for a comparison of Jamaican and Belizean individuals).

PLATE 1. A, Synalpheus agelas   ovigerous female (08JAM 8503) from Agelas cf. dispar, Rio Bueno   Jamaica. B, Synalpheus agelas   non-ovigerous individual (08JAM 6112) from Agelas cf. clathrodes, Columbus Park, Discovery Bay   , Jamaica. C, Synalpheus androsi   ovigerous female (08JAM 6502) from Hyattella intestinalis, Columbus Park, Discovery Bay   , Jamaica. D, Synalpheus bocas   (08JAM 7402) from Xestospongia proxima, Rio Bueno   , Jamaica.

FIGURE 2. Synalpheus androsi   . Non-ovigerous individual CL: 4.55 mm (08JAM 6501). A, merus and carpus of 3 rd pereopod, lateral view; B, merus and carpus of 3 rd pereopod, alternate view. Non-ovigerous individual from Belize CL: 3.59 (04CBC0402). C, merus and carpus of 3 rd pereopod, lateral view. Scale bar = 0.4 mm for A, B; 0.25 mm for C.


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