Aetobatus narinari (Euphrasen, 1790)

Jones, Christian M., Driggers Iii, William B., Hannan, Kristin M., Hoffmayer, Eric R., Jones, Lisa M. & Raredon, Sandra J., 2020, An annotated checklist of the chondrichthyan fishes inhabiting the northern Gulf of Mexico Part 1: Batoidea, Zootaxa 4803 (2), pp. 281-315: 300

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Aetobatus narinari (Euphrasen, 1790)


Aetobatus narinari (Euphrasen, 1790)   —spotted eagle ray, whitespotted eagle ray


Aetobatis latirostris Dumeril, 1861  

Aetobatis narinari (Euphrasen, 1790)  

Muliobatis marcgravii Billberg, 1833

Raja narinari Euphrasen, 1790  

Raja tajara Bonnaterre, 1788  

Distribution. This species is distributed throughout the northern GOM, from the Texas/ Mexico border to southern Florida. It is regularly captured in shallow coastal waters but has also been recorded out to 150 m in depth during NMFS SEFSC trawl surveys.

First Record in GOM. The first record of this species from the northern   GOM was a report by Bean (1885) of a specimen ( USNM 37196 View Materials ) collected sometime before May 21 st, 1885 (when it was received by the USNM) near Cedar Keys , Florida   .

Remarks. This species, once believed to be circumtropical in distribution, was recently shown to be a complex of three closely related but distinct species; with Aeotobatus narinari   occupying the Atlantic Ocean, Aetobatus laticeps Gill, 1865   occupying the eastern Pacific Ocean, and Aetobatus ocellatus (Kuhl, 1823)   occupying the Indo-West and Central Pacific ( White and Last 2016a).

Conservation Status. Near Threatened


Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of Natural History