Liophloeothrips pavettae Ananthakrishnan & Jagadish,

Tyagi, Kaomud & Kumar, Vikas, 2011, The Indian species of Liophloeothrips Priesner (Thysanoptera, Phlaeothripidae) with one new species, Zootaxa 2803, pp. 21-31: 29-30

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Liophloeothrips pavettae Ananthakrishnan & Jagadish


Liophloeothrips pavettae Ananthakrishnan & Jagadish 

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Liophlaeothrips pavettae Ananthakrishnan & Jagadish 1969: 42  .

Liophlaeothrips tenebrosus Ananthakrishnan & Jagadish 1969: 44  . Syn. n.

This species was described from 14 females and 10 males collected from galls of Pavetta  sp. ( Rubiaceae  ), Tirupathi, 15.vii. 68, and L. tenebrosus  was described in the same paper from 28 females and 16 males collected from galls of Pavetta  sp., Tirupathi, 16.vii. 1968.

L. pavettae  and L. tenebrosus  were separated by Ananthakrishnan & Jagadish 1969 on the basis of the length of the pronotal anteroangular and anteromarginal setae, and the colour of the body setae and wings. In the original key to species, the anteroangulars and anteromarginals were stated to be subequal in L. pavettae  , whereas the anteroangulars were longer than the anteromarginals in L. tenebrosus  . However, the anteroangulars were found to be longer than the anteromarginals in the holotypes of both species. The colour of the body setae was described as hyaline in L. pavettae  but grey in L. tenebrosus  , whereas in the holotypes of both species these setae were found to be grey. The colour of the wings was described as transparent in L. pavettae  , but very slightly infumated in L. tenebrosus  , whereas in both holotypes the wings are slightly infumated.

Our examination of the holotypes of these two nominal species suggests that they represent a single species. Ananthakrishnan & Sen (1980: 99) state that the epimeral and posteroangular setae are subequal in tenebrosus  but not subequal in pavettae  . However, in both holotypes the epimeral setae are longer than the posteroangulars. The separation between the maxillary stylets in the holotype of L. tenebrosus  is similar to that of the holotype of L. pavettae  , and the original illustrations by Ananthakrishnan & Jagadish (1969) reflect this. However, the illustrations in Ananthakrishnan & Muraleedharan (1974) are incorrect, showing this gap narrower in L. tenebrosus  . The host plant data of these two species are identical except that tenebrosus  was collected one day later than pavettae  . Further, the sculpture and shape of the pelta of these two species are alike. We therefore conclude that the available specimens represent the same species.

Diagnosis. Body brown except fore tibiae and all tarsi yellow. Antennal segments I and II brown, III –VII yellow, VIII with light brown tinge. Fore wing slightly infumated. Head as long as broad. Maxillary stylets not close together, wide apart. Antenna 8 -segmented. Postocular setae as long as eyes, expanded at apex. Anteromarginal setae shorter than anteroangular setae. Epimeral setae much longer than posteroangulars. Metanotum with reticulate sculpture. Mesopresternum forming two lateral triangles. Fore wing parallel sided, with duplicated cilia; wing sub-basal setae arranged in a row. Fore tarsus with well developed tooth. Tergite IX setae S 1 and S 2 expanded apically in both sexes.

Specimens studied. Holotype female (macroptera) and one paratype male (macroptera) of L. pavettae  , India: Andhra Pradesh: Tirupathi, 3000, galls of Pavetta indica  , 15.vii. 1968. Holotype macroptera female of L. tenebrosus, Tirupathi  , 3000, galls of Pavetta indica  , 16.vii. 1968, NPC.

Distribution. India (Andhra Pradesh: Tirupathi).

Liophloeothrips pictus Ananthakrishnan 

Liophlaeothrips pictus Ananthakrishnan 1968: 48  .

This species was described from one female and one male collected from dead branches. Types are not available. Distribution. India (Andhra Pradesh: Tirupathi, Kerala: Tenmalai, Tamil Nadu: Tambaram).


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Liophloeothrips pavettae Ananthakrishnan & Jagadish

Tyagi, Kaomud & Kumar, Vikas 2011

Liophlaeothrips pavettae

Ananthakrishnan 1969: 42

Liophlaeothrips tenebrosus

Ananthakrishnan 1969: 44

Liophlaeothrips pictus

Ananthakrishnan 1968: 48