Rhamphothrips Karny

Tyagi, Kaomud & Kumar, Vikas, 2013, The genus Rhamphothrips in India (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) with description of a new species, Zootaxa 3745 (4), pp. 491-495: 491

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Rhamphothrips Karny


Rhamphothrips Karny  

Rhamphothrips Karny 1913: 123   . Type species Rhynchothrips tenuirostris Karny 1912   . Rhamphothrips Karny   ; Bhatti (1978); Mound & Tree (2011).

This genus can be distinguished from other genera in the family Thripidae   by the following features: small head and remarkably long mouthcone [Mound & Tree (2011) suggest that the African species may have a shorter mouthcone]; median anteriorly directed fernal process on the prosternum; female sternite VIII with two pairs of median setae close together and distant from the third pair; hypomere of male genitalia typically not dilated subapically.