Ascarophis van Beneden, 1871

Arai, Hisao P. & Smith, John W., 2016, Guide to the Parasites of Fishes of Canada Part V: Nematoda, Zootaxa 4185 (1), pp. 1-274: 84

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Ascarophis van Beneden, 1871


Ascarophis van Beneden, 1871  

Synonym: Pseudocystidicola Layman, 1933  

Generic diagnosis (after Moravec 2013). Cystidicolidae   . Small to medium sized worms. Pseudolabia continuous medially with anterior extensions of lateral walls of buccal cavity; anterior surface of each pseudolabium with prominent conical protuberance or blunt knob. Flap-like or bilobed sublabium along inner margin of each submedian labium. Four cephalic papillae. Mouth opening dorso-ventrally elongated, with four lateral recesses. Deirids simple, small. Male with pre-cloacal cuticular ridges (an area rugosa). Male caudal alae well developed supported by pedunculate papillae. Spicules unequal and dissimilar. Female tail ends bluntly or with knob-like structure. Uterus amphidelphic. Vulva equatorial or postequatorial. Eggs elliptical, embryonated, with or without polar filaments. Parasitic in alimentary tract of fishes.