Philometra kobuleji Molnar & Fernando, 1975

Arai, Hisao P. & Smith, John W., 2016, Guide to the Parasites of Fishes of Canada Part V: Nematoda, Zootaxa 4185 (1), pp. 1-274: 46-49

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Philometra kobuleji Molnar & Fernando, 1975


Philometra kobuleji Molnar & Fernando, 1975  

Description (after Molnar & Fernando 1975b). With characteristics of the genus.

Males: minute, transparent, 2.1–3.0 (2.5) long. Cylindrical body tapers slightly at anterior end. Greatest width, 0.056–0.061 (0.059) near tail end. Cuticle smooth and thin. Head rounded, papillae not observed. Mouth simple, with three lips. Oesophagus muscular, slightly swollen near mouth, 0.375– 0.440 (0.418) long ( Fig. 32 View FIGURE 32 A). Tail end blunt, with two prominent lateral papillae connected by inconspicuous membrane. Two spicules, almost equal; right one 0.109–0.134 (0.120), left one 0.106–0.126 (0.115) long. Gubernaculum a bent chitinous plate with spearlike end, 0.065–0.074 (0.072) long ( Fig. 32 View FIGURE 32 B). Anus opens ventrally near posterior end.

Females: mature specimens red in colour, 86–97 (91) long. Body cylindrical, tapering at anterior and posterior ends. Cuticle smooth and thin. Body cavity dominated by uterus packed with larvae, 0.320–0.370 (0.350) long; larvae have rounded anterior end and sharply pointed tail ( Fig. 32 View FIGURE 32 C,D). Head rounded, bearing pair of lateral amphids, and four fleshy papillae in submedian line. Rim of mouth with three lips. Tail tapers at tip, bearing small dorsally directed papilla ( Fig. 32 View FIGURE 32 D). Oesophagus 1.1–1.4 (1.2) long, with bulb near mouth. Oesophageal gland moderately well developed. Nerve ring 0.3 from anterior end ( Fig. 32 View FIGURE 32 C). Intestine ends blindly near tail tip ( Fig. 32 View FIGURE 32 D). Vulva atrophied. Two ovaries joined by common uterine duct. Uteri end near nerve ring and anus ( Fig. 32 View FIGURE 32 C,D).

Sites: body cavity, mesenteries, swim bladder

Host: Catostomus commersonii  

Distribution: Ontario

Records: Molnar & Fernando 1975b; Chan 1980; Molnar et al. 1982