Ichthyofilaria Yamaguti, 1935

Arai, Hisao P. & Smith, John W., 2016, Guide to the Parasites of Fishes of Canada Part V: Nematoda, Zootaxa 4185 (1), pp. 1-274: 44

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Ichthyofilaria Yamaguti, 1935


Ichthyofilaria Yamaguti, 1935  

Generic diagnosis (after Yamaguti 1961). Philometridae   . Body cylindrical, with tapered extremities. Mouth simple. Oesophagus comprises anterior muscular portion with two swellings separated by nerve ring, and a shorter posterior portion. Vermiform glandular appendix   arises from posterior end of muscular portion of oesophagus, and extends backwards dorsal to the posterior portion of oesophagus and terminating on anterior end of intestine. Anterior ovary poorly developed, posterior ovary long, cylindrical, reaching to near tail end. Uterus continuous. Viviparous. Males unknown. Parasites of fishes.

One species, namely I. canadensis   , is known from two species of Lycodes in Canadian   waters.