Parapsammophila unguicularis ( KOHL 1901)

Dollfuss, H., 2010, The Ammophilini Wasps of the Genera Eremnophila MENKE, Eremochares GRIBODO, Hoplammophila de BEAUMONT, Parapsammophila TASCHENBERG and Podalonia FERNALD of the " Biologiezentrum Linz " - Collection in Linz, Austria, (Hymenoptera, Apoidea, Sphecidae), Linzer biologische Beiträge 42 (1), pp. 535-560: 539

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Parapsammophila unguicularis ( KOHL 1901)


Parapsammophila unguicularis ( KOHL 1901)   2

This species is altogether similar to P. ludovicus (F. SMITH 1856)   but the male genitalia are characteristically shaped. I examined them, they agree with description and figures in KOHL 1901: 143, Taf.VIII: 35 and Taf. VIII: 32.

E t h i o p i a - S:1, Gamo Gofa pr., 45 km SE Arba Minch, 1200m, 15.IV.2007, leg. J. Halada.

K e n y a:1, Voi (Tsavo) env. 8.-18.XI.1996, leg. Mi. Halada.