Couranga kioloa, Gray & Smith, 2008

Gray, Michael R. & Smith, Helen M., 2008, A New Subfamily of Spiders with Grate-shaped Tapeta from Australia and Papua New Guinea (Araneae: Stiphidiidae: Borralinae), Records of the Australian Museum 60 (1), pp. 13-44: 23-25

publication ID 10.3853/j.0067-1975.60.2008.1493

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Couranga kioloa


Couranga kioloa   n.sp.

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Type material. New South Wales: HOLOTYPE:?, KS74065, 1.5 km W of Kiah on Towamba Rd , 37°09'S 149°50'E, 15 Apr. 1978, M.R. Gray, small, angled sheet webs projecting from shallow retreats in soil bank and guyed to vegetation GoogleMaps   . PARATYPES:!, KS74066, data as for holotype;!, KS74064, data as for holotype, sheet webs in mossy bank along road, female matured in captivity;? KS69662,!, KS86843, Mogo SF, 10 km S of Batemans Bay on Princes Highway, 35°48'S 150°08'E, 18 Apr. 1978, M.R. Gray, in webs under rock, open forest;? KS34571,!, KS86842, Smiths Lake turn-off, Myall Lakes, 32°23'S 152°30'E, 27 Apr. 1974, M.R. Gray GoogleMaps   .

Other material. New South Wales:!, KS1931, Kioloa SF, Forest Drive, 35°37'S 150°16'E, 2 Nov. 1978, C. Horseman, in litter, with egg sac 4 mm diameter in silk purse retreat 10 mm diameter, eggs pale orange;?, KS5546, Benandarah SF, 8 km N of Batemans Bay, 35°40'S 150°14'E, 4–30 Oct. 1979, C. Horseman;!, KS6470, Royal National Park, Sydney, 34°08'S 151°04'E, 16 Jan. 1981, M. Gray, dry sclerophyll, under log in small messy sheet web;!, KS34572, Darkes Forest , 34°14'S 150°55'E, 8 Sep. 1972, R.E. Mascord;?,!, KS34573, 13 km N of Bega on Bega –Bermagui back road, 36°25'S 150°04'E, 18 May 1973, M.R. Gray, under dry log in dry area open forest, tangled web in crevice;?,!, KS34574, 11 miles S of Kempsey on Joes Cutting turn-off, 31°15'S 152°49'E, 27 Apr. 1974, M.R. Gray, in bank in suspended sheet web;!, KS34576, Maria SF picnic area near Kempsey, 31°11'S 152°50'E, 23 Apr. 1974, M.R. Gray, with egg sac;?, KS41267, Bundjalung NP, on ridge between Big Marsh & Esk River , 29°17'35"S 153°16'40"E, 4 Feb.–9 Apr. 1993, M. Gray & G. Cassis, NE NSW NPWS Survey, pit trap;?, KS50515, Booti Booti NP, 32°16'S 152°31'E, 17 July 1996, L. Wilkie, Bitou Pilot Study, sand dunes, pit trap;?, KS50516, data as KS50515, 15 July 1996;!, KS60719, Booti Booti NP, 32°14'44"S 152°32'33"E, 9 Oct. 1997, L. Wilkie;?, KS68360, data as KS60719, 12 Nov. 1996, sand dunes, pit trap;?, KS62463, Booti Booti NP, 32°14'28"S 152°32'50"E, 9 Oct. 1997, L. Wilkie, sand dunes, pit trap; 2 !!, KS62178, Macquarie Pass, Macquarie Pass NP, 34°34'S 150°39'E, 12 Sep. 1999, H. Smith, in web on rotting log;?, KS62928, Booderee NP, southern headland of Jervis Bay , 35°08'49"S 150°45'05"E, 20–25 Aug. 1999, L. Gibson, pit trap;?, KS63013, Mount Kembla , Sydney Catchment Authority Reserve , 34°26'33"S 150°44'24"E, 6–10 Dec. 1998, L. Gibson, pit trap;?, KS63067, data as KS63013, 21–25 June 1999;?, KS63171, Royal NP, Sir Bertram Stevens Drive c. 0.3 km E Artillery Hill, 34°04'55"S 151°03'40"E, 6–20 Dec.1999, Gray, Milledge & Smith, STH SYD Hotspots, site 8, pit trap;?, KS63242,Woronora Dam Catchment, Princes Hwy c. 0.1 km NW Southern Freeway Overpass, 34°11'31"S 150°57'58"E, 8–22 Dec. 1999, Gray, Milledge & Smith STH SYD Hotspots, site 11, pit trap; 2 ??, KS69658, KS69663, 2 !!, KS69664–5, Bodalla SF, 8 km NNW Central Tilba near Mt Dromedary turn-off, 36°16'S 150°03'E, 17 Apr. 1978, M.R. Gray, on bank;!, KS69660, Bodalla Forest Park, 9 km S of Bodalla on Princes Highway, 36°10'S 150°06'E, 18 Apr. 1978, M.R. Gray, rotten log, in dry disturbed open forest;!, KS69659, Currawan SF, 35°37'S 150°05'E, 18 Apr. 1978, M.R. Gray;!, KS69661, Mogo SF, 10 km S of Batemans Bay on Princes Highway, 35°48'S 150°08'E, 18 Apr. 1978, M.R. Gray, in webs under rock, open forest, dry and burnt fairly recently;?, KS74067, Mt Warning Camp Ground ,Wallaby Track, 28°24'S 153°16'E, 18 May 1998, H. Smith, retreat in leaf litter, lines to rotting log, collected as juvenile, matured 27 May 1998;?, KS74068, data as KS74067, matured late July 1998;?, KS74071, Kiwarrak State Forest , S of Taree, 31°58'S 152°26'E, Oct. 1976, K.D. Fairy, NSW Forestry Survey material, BPK 76OC J/24 GoogleMaps   . Queensland:!, S64468 View Materials ( QM), nr. Girraween NP, 28°51'S 151°57'E, R. Raven, 7 Apr.1974;!, S64467 View Materials ( QM), Gt Dividing Range nr Teviot Brook, 27°27'S 152°33'E, 25 Dec. 1974, R. Raven, 2,700 ft, sclerophyll GoogleMaps   .

Diagnosis. Differs from C. diehappy   as follows: Palpal RVTA with stalk of moderate length; RDTA a thick, distally hooked process; MA processes small, subequal in size. Epigynal septum widened at middle; paired fossae with short lateral extensions.


Male (holotype). BL 5.93, CL 2.95 (range 2.78–3.47), CW 2.22, CapW 1.09, EGW 0.83, LL 0.40, LW 0.40, SL 1.45, SW 1.24. Legs: 1423 (I: 11.82; II: 9.42; III: 8.40; IV: 10.98); ratio tibia I length:CW = 1:0.73. Male palp ( Fig. 6a,b View Fig ). RVTA stalk longer than in C. diehappy   ; RDTA thick, curved and hook-like distally. Distal loop of sperm duct U-shaped with parallel limbs. Embolus a basally wide, curved rod with a subapical barb ( Fig. 2b View Fig ). MA processes subequal, lateral process usually membraneous.

Female (KS74066). BL 6.40, CL 2.95 (range 2.24–3.47), CW 1.85, CapW 1.35, EGW 0.90, LL 0.41, LW 0.43, SL 1.41, SW 1.23. Legs: 1423 (I: 9.89; II: 8.13; III: 7.16; IV: 9.25); ratio tibia I length:CW = 1:0.73. Epigynum ( Fig. 6c,d View Fig ). Median septum widest at middle. Paired fossae with relatively short lateral extensions (cf. C. diehappy   ). Internal genitalia with very short copulatory ducts, about as wide as spermathecae.

Distribution. South-eastern New South Wales to the Border Ranges area of NSW and southeast Queensland.

Etymology. The specific name refers to Kioloa State Forest, a collection site.


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