Couranga diehappy, Gray & Smith, 2008

Gray, Michael R. & Smith, Helen M., 2008, A New Subfamily of Spiders with Grate-shaped Tapeta from Australia and Papua New Guinea (Araneae: Stiphidiidae: Borralinae), Records of the Australian Museum 60 (1), pp. 13-44: 25

publication ID 10.3853/j.0067-1975.60.2008.1493

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Couranga diehappy


Couranga diehappy   n.sp.

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Type material. New South Wales: HOLOTYPE:?, KS61689, Diehappy SF, Horseshoe Rd , 0.5 km N of Scotchman Peak, 30°28'30"S 152°39'43"E, 11–24 Nov. 1999, M. Gray, G. Milledge & H. Smith, NE NSW Hotspots, site 18, pit trap GoogleMaps   . PARATYPES:!, KS75360, Scotchman SF, Horseshoe Rd & Kirklands Rd junction, 30°28'08"S 152°44'00"E, 23 Nov.2001, G.Milledge & H. Smith, stop 4, sheet web in earth bank;?, KS74070, Maroota SF, 33°31'S 150°59'E, 5 Oct. 1979, G.A.Webb, NSW State Forests, pit trap;!, KS79583, Hornsby, Waitara Creek, 33°42'52"S 151°05'22"E, 1 Sep. 2002, H. Smith & G. Milledge, sheet web with retreat into earth bank;?, KS89868, data as for KS79583, Autumn 2004 (matured Aug. 2004), H.M. Smith. Queensland:?,!, S55468 View Materials ( QM), N. Stradbroke Island Enterprise, 27°33'S 153°28'E, 90 m, 8 Jan. 2002, QM party, Blackbutt #1, day;?, S64481 View Materials ( QM), 0.5 km NW Mt Beecher, 23°55'S 151°11'E, 15 Dec. 1999 – 20 Mar. 2000, G. Monteith, vine scrub, intercept trap 20 m;?, S64487 View Materials ( QM), 0.5 km S of Fairlies Knob, 25°31'S 152°17'E, 21 Jul.–20 Oct. 2000, Cook, Wright, Vanderduys, vine scrub, pitfall, 300 m; 2 !!, S56406 View Materials ( QM), Fraser Island , 25°15'S 153°10'E, 11–14 Feb. 2000, B. Baehr & R. Raven GoogleMaps   .

Other material. New South Wales:?, SAM BS1550, Kunderang Cave KB4, 30°55'S 152°10'E, 11 Dec. 1966, P. Hudson; 3 !!, KS34569, Willoughby, 33°48'S 151°12'E, 2 Aug.1969, G.S. Hunt, under rotting logs, fairly moist; 3 !!, KS34575, 6 miles W of Kempsey on Sherwood Rd, 31°04'S 152°44'E, 24 Apr. 1974, M.R. Gray, sheet webs in moist bank;!, KS34577, Camden Razorback, 34°07'S 150°38'E, 1 May 1969, M.R. Gray;!, KS34578, Kuring-gai Chase NP, 33°39'S 151°13'E, 8 Sep. 1972, M.R. Gray, under rock in silk case with egg sac;!, KS34579, Ku-ring-gai Chase NP Bobbin Head, 33°39'S 151°09'E, 10 May 1974, M.R. Gray, in logs; 3 !!, KS34580, data as KS34579, 10 Apr. 1974, in logs, sheet web, moist forest nr creek;!, KS34581, 18 km E of Woodford, 33°44'S 150°33'E, 17 Apr. 1974, M.R. Gray, low woodland-heath, in logs;!, KS34583, Mt Wilson, Cathedral of Ferns, 33°30'S 150°23'E, 26 June 1974, M.R. Gray & C. Horseman;!, KS58105, Ku-ring-gai Chase NP, near Mt Colah, 33°40'S 151°07'E, 2 July 2000, G. Milledge & H. Smith;!, KS68262, Hornsby, Waitara Creek, 33°42'52"S 151°05'22"E, 25 Sep. 2000, G. Milledge, under rock, with egg sac; 2 !!, KS69657, KS79576, data as KS68262, 21 Sep. 2000, H. Smith & G. Milledge; 5 !!, KS78346, data as KS68262, 28 Oct. 2001, H. Smith; 3 !!, KS79584–6, data as KS68262, 20 July 2002, G. Milledge, under rocks;?, KS74069,Maroota SF, 33°31'S 150°59'E, 7 Nov.1979, G.A.Webb, NSW State Forests, B/40, pit trap; 4 !!, KS75357, KS75359, KS79579–80, Scotchman SF, junction of Horseshoe Rd & Little Boggy Track, 30°26'08"S 152°48'55"E, 23 Nov. 2001, G. Milledge & H. Smith, stop 3, sheet webs in earth bank; 4 !!, KS75366–7, KS79577–8, Mt Kaputar NP, 0.8 km W of Coryah Gap Carpark, 30°16'44"S 150°07'40"E, 13 Nov. 2001, M. Gray, G. Milledge & H. Smith, stop 20, sheet webs in earth bank;!, KS75368, Mt Kaputar NP, 1.6 km W of Coryah Gap Carpark, 30°16'13"S 150°07'11"E, 13 Nov. 2001, M. Gray, G. Milledge & H. Smith, stop 21, sheet web in earth bank; 2 !!, KS75369–70, Mt Kaputar NP, 1.9 km W of Bark Hut Campsite, 30°16'50"S 150°07'55"E, 13 Nov. 2001, M. Gray, G. Milledge & H. Smith, stop 19, sheet webs in earth bank. Queensland:?, KS69420, Brisbane Forest Park, 27°25'04"S 152°49'48"E, 11–16 Jan. 1998, N. Power, malaise trap 3;?, KS69497, data as KS69420, 27 Sep–2 Oct. 1998, trap 2;?, KS69467, Bribie Island, 27°03'30"S 153°11'32"E, 9–14 Aug. 1998, N. Power, heathland/acacia regrowth, malaise trap 1;!, KS69654, Blackdown Tableland NP, campsite area, 23°47'49"S 149°04'14"E, 8 May 2000, G. Milledge & H. Smith, ex rotting tree stump;?, S55720 View Materials ( QM), N Stradbroke Island Enterprise, 27°34'S 153°27'E, 60 m, 9 Jan.2002, QM party, Blackbutt #2,day,hand coll.;!, S55737 View Materials ( QM), N Stradbroke Island Enterprise, 27°36'S 153°27'E, 70 m, 10 Jan. 2002, QM party, Scribbly Gum #3, day, hand coll.;!, S55539 View Materials ( QM), as S55737 View Materials , J. Burwell, berlesate, sifted litter;!, S55748 View Materials ( QM), N Stradbroke Island Enterprise, 27°33'S 153°28'E, 90 m, 8 Jan. 2002, QM party, Blackbutt #1, day, hand coll.; 2 !!, S64486 View Materials ( QM), foot of Blackbutt Ra. nr Benarkin, 26°53'S 152°08'E, 25 Aug. 1979, R. Raven, under rock, sheet web;!, S64484 View Materials ( QM), Mt Coottha, SEQ, 1 Jan. 1974, R. Raven;? S64483 View Materials ( QM), Conondale Ra., Kenilworth, 26°35'S 152°43'E, 1 Sep.1974, R. Raven,rainforest;?, S64482 View Materials ( QM), 1 km S Blue Mtn, 21°37'S 148°58'E, 22 Mar.–31 May 2000, Monteith & Cook, pitfall, 680 m, wet sclerophyll;?, S64485 View Materials ( QM), top of Blackbutt Ra., 26°52'S 152°11'E, 24 Oct.–24 Nov. 1995, G. Monteith, intercept trap, 400 m;?, S64480 View Materials ( QM), Gold Ck Reservoir, Brookfield, 27°27'S 152°49'E, 1 Oct. 1980, V. Davies, R. Raven, closed forest;?, S64479 View Materials ( QM), Searys Scrub, Cooloola, 26°02'S 153°03'E, 3–7 Feb.1976,R.Raven,V.Davies, pit traps;2 ??, 9 !!, S64474 View Materials ( QM), Searys Scrub,Cooloola, SEQ, 4 Feb. 1976, R. Raven,V.Davies, males from pit traps, females from horizontal sheet web back into log;!, S64476 View Materials ( QM),Freshwater Road, Cooloola, 26°00'S 153°08'E, 26 Dec.1974 – 28 Mar. 1975, G.B. & S.R. Monteith, pitfall trap;!, S64478 View Materials ( QM), Wild Horse Mtn, Beerwah, 26°56'S 153°00'E, 10 Sep. 1975, R. Raven;!, S64466 View Materials ( QM), Conondale Ra, ca 26°40'S 152°40'E, 31 Aug. 1974, R. Raven, sheet web & ventral retreat in bank;!, S64470 View Materials ( QM), Conondale Ra, 31 Aug. 1974, R. Raven, sheet web with funnel (ventral) as retreat;!, S64469 View Materials ( QM), Teviot Stream, Boonah, 27°59'S 152°41'E, 3 Oct.1973,V.Davies, under lattice sheet web on bank;!, S64471 View Materials ( QM), Rochedale SF, 27°36'S 153°09'E, 23 Nov. 1979, R. Raven, V. Davies, web under log;!, S64477 View Materials ( QM), Rochedale SF, SEQ, 20 Sep. 1979, R. Raven, V. Davies, sheet web under log;!, S64472 View Materials ( QM), Paul Lenz Plain at Bunya Mts NP, 26°50'S 151°33'E, 7 Nov. 1994, pitfalls,tussock grassland;!, S64473 View Materials ( QM),Teewah Ck,Cooloola Rainforest, 26°05'S 153°02'E, 14 Sep. 1973, R. Raven, sheet web with retreat under log, spider using lower surface of sheet;?, S64475 View Materials ( QM),Ravensbourne, 27°20'S 152°09'E, 16 Feb. 1974, R. Raven.

Diagnosis. Differs from C. kioloa   as follows: palpal RVTA with short stalk; RDTA a thick, undulate spine-like process; MA with lateral process largest & weakly sclerotized. Epigynal septum not widened at middle; paired fossae with lateral extensions often longer than in C. kioloa   (“dumbbellshaped”).


Male (holotype). BL 5.83, CL 2.50 (male range 2.25–3.17), CW 1.92, CapW 0.94, EGW 0.71, LL 0.31, LW 0.39, SL 1.22, SW 1.06. Legs: 1423 (I: 11.08; II: 8.67; III: 7.50; IV: 9.75); ratio tibia I length:CW = 1:0.66. Male palp ( Fig. 7a,b View Fig ). RVTA like C. kioloa   but with shorter, wider stalk; RDTA a thick, undulate, spine-like process. Distal loop of sperm duct V-shaped with limbs. Embolus longer and thinner than in C. kioloa   , and conductor apex less strongly “crested”. MA lateral process usually weakly sclerotized and larger than in C. kioloa   .

Female (KS75360). BL 6.08, CL 2.58 (female range 2.42–3.25), CW 1.67, CapW 1.14, EGW 0.75, LL 0.35, LW 0.41, SL 1.31, SW 1.10. Legs: 1423 (I: 9.10; II: 7.27; III: 6.41; IV: 8.24); ratio tibia I length:CW = 1:0.72. Epigynum ( Fig. 7c–e View Fig ). Median septum relatively narrower than in C. kioloa   and not obviously widened at middle. Paired fossae often with longer lateral extensions and more obviously narrowed centrally (more or less “dumbbell-shaped”, cf. C. kioloa   ). Internal genitalia similar to C. kioloa   .

Distribution. Central eastern New South Wales to southeast Queensland.

Etymology. The species name is taken from the type locality.


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