Pancorius kohi, Zhang & Song & Li, 2003

Zhang, J. X., Song, D. X. & Li, Daiqin, 2003, Six New And One Newly Recorded Species Of Salticidae (Arachnida: Araneae) From Singapore And Malaysia, Raffles Bulletin of Zoology 51 (2), pp. 187-195: 193-194

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Pancorius kohi

new species

Pancorius kohi   , new species

( Figs. 6 View Fig A-C)

Material examined. – Holotype – female ( ZRC.ARA.267), Labrador Park, Singapore, coll. H. K. Lua, 16 Jan.1991.  

Paratype – 1 female ( ZRC.ARA.268), Labrador Park , Singapore, 20 Apr.1991   .

Diagnosis. – This new species can be easily distinguished by its epigynum having only one slit-like intromittent pore, internal structures with three chambers, of which the first one is small and round, and the third one large and triangular.

Description. – Female. Total length 5.90 (paratype)-6.70. Length of holotype 6.70: cephalothorax 3.42 long, 2.48 wide; abdomen 3.33 long, 2.43 wide. Carapace ( Fig. 6A View Fig ) reddish brown. Eye area 1.17 long. Eye sizes: AME 0.54, ALE 0.29, PME 0.07, PLE 0.27. Anterior eye row 1.94 wide, posterior row 1.80 wide, eye area 1.17 long. Chelicera reddish brown, each margin with 4 teeth. Endites and labium reddish brown. Sternum yellowish brown, covered with dense black setae. Legs yellowish brown, covered with long and brown hairs. Metatarsi I and II each with 2 pairs of ventral spines. Leg measurements: I 5.63 (1.71+2.39+0.90+0.63); II 5.77 (1.80+2.39+0.90+0.68); III 6.48 (2.16+2.52+1.17+0.63); IV 6.76 (2.16+2.30+1.53+0.77). Leg formula: 4321. Dorsum of abdomen dark brown, covered densely with short brown hairs, with light brown markings, at middle provided with 3 pairs of yellowish brow spots; venter light brown. Epigynum ( Figs. 6B, C View Fig ) with two hoods, one slit-like intromittent pore located posteriorly at the middle of epigynum; internal structures with three chambers, the first one small and round, the third one large and triangular.

Etymology. – The specific name is a patronym in honor of Mr. J. K. H. Koh, who has made contributions to the study of spiders of Singapore.


Zoological Reference Collection, National University of Singapore