Allocapnia rickeri Frison

Nations, Tina M., Stark, Bill P. & Hicks, Matthew B., 2007, The Winter Stoneflies (Plecoptera: Capniidae) Of Mississippi, Illiesia 3 (9), pp. 70-94: 82-83

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Allocapnia rickeri Frison


Allocapnia rickeri Frison  

Allocapnia rickeri Frison,1942   . Holotype male, Big Grand Pierre River, Golconda , Pope County, Illinois.

Distribution. AL, AR, DC, DE, GA, IA, IN, KS, KY, MD, MN, MO, MS, NC, NJ, OH, OK, ON, PA, TN, VA, WI, WV ( Stark & Baumann 2006). Mississippi populations have been reported only in Tishomingo County ( Stark 1979).

Mississippi collection data. ( Fig. 31 View Fig ). Tishomingo

Co., Clear Creek, Hwy 72, 4 miles East of Iuka, 34 ° 46’ 40.4” N, 88 ° 08’ 46.6” W, 10 February 1979, B. Stark, P. Hartfield and C. Cooper, 2 ♀; Same location, 8 January 2007, B. Stark, 43 ♂, 6 ♀; Tributary of Bear Creek   GoogleMaps , Tishomingo State Park   GoogleMaps , 10 February 1979, B. Stark, P. Lago, P. Hartfield and C. Cooper, 8 ♂, 5 ♀; Tishomingo State Park   GoogleMaps , 5 February 1992, M. Caterino, 1 ♂ (University of Mississippi); Same location, 16 January 1981, J. Goddard, 1 ♀ ( University of Mississippi)   ; Samelocation, 8 February 1986, S. Testa, 1 ♀ ( University of Mississippi)   .

Allocapnia rickeri  

Male epiproct. Epiproctupper limb long, somewhat spear‐ shaped in dorsal aspect, with no basal angulation ( Fig. 32 View Figs ), and the tip bears a small, swollen sectioncovered with shortridges and ashort mesal groove( Figs. 33‐34 View Figs ). Posteriorto groovedapical section, a long, low, median ridgeextends formost of upper limb length ( Fig. 32 View Figs ), and a broad, shallow, median trough extends forward from base. In lateral aspect, short apical section reflexed slightly downward ( Fig. 33 View Figs ) and some ridges have obscure undulations similar to those of A. aurora   ( Fig. 35 View Figs ).

Maletergal process. The tergal processrises from the 8 th abdominal segment as two knobs covered with scale‐ like tubercles; knobs widely separatedbynotch which extends completelyto base of process ( Fig.36 View Figs ). In lateral aspect, anterior margin of process projects somewhat higher than posterior margin.

Female subgenital plate. Abdominal sterna 7 and 8 joined bybridge scleritebut bridgenarrowlynotched on midlateral margins by membrane ( Figs. 37 View Figs , 63 View Figs ). Apex of subgenital plate truncate and scarcely projecting beyond lateral margins of sternum 8.














Allocapnia rickeri Frison

Nations, Tina M., Stark, Bill P. & Hicks, Matthew B. 2007

Allocapnia rickeri

Allocapnia rickeri Frison,1942