Stenotaenia rhodopensis (Kaczmarek, 1970), Kaczmarek, 1970

Simaiakis, Stylianos Michail, Akkari, Nesrine & Zapparoli, Marzio, 2016, The centipedes of Peloponnisos and first records of genus Eurygeophilus in the East Mediterranean (Myriapoda: Chilopoda), Zootaxa 4061 (4), pp. 301-346: 341-342

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Stenotaenia rhodopensis (Kaczmarek, 1970)


48. Stenotaenia rhodopensis (Kaczmarek, 1970)  

(1) Geophilus linearis C.L. Koch, 1835   : Zapparoli, 2002: 103, Fig. 45 (pars) General distribution. Europe: Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Slovakia (Minelli et al. 2006; Stoev 2007; Dányi 2010).

Chorotype. S-European (SEU).

Records in Peloponnisos ( Fig. 15 View FIGURE 15 ). Arkadia: Oros Menalon, Vitina (1).

New records from Mt. Parnonas ( Fig. 15 View FIGURE 15 ). 1 ex., Arkadia, Xirokampi to Sitaina, 7.5 km SE of Xirokampi (loc. 48), 1150 m, N 37.31695 / E 22.629196, 2 May 2015; 3 exx., Arkadia, Kronion Oros, mountain plateau W of Agios Ilias church (loc. 54), 1650 m, N 37.287021 / E 22.605119, 3 May 2015.

New records from Peloponnisos ( Fig. 15 View FIGURE 15 ). 1 juv. 57 lp, 17 mm, Arkadia, Vitina, Menalon Mts, 31 Oct. 1978, M. Lucarelli (published in Zapparoli 2002: 104 under Geophilus linearis C.L. Koch, 1835   , “Arkadía: Óros Ménalon, Vitina”).

Ecological notes. 1150–1650 m; the two records from Parnonas Mt. have been collected in montane grasslands, and in Pinus   forests, respectively.

Remarks. Stenotaenia rhodopensis   is known to occur in the Rhodopes mountain range in Bulgaria, the Carpathian Mountains in Romania, and some neighbouring regions. The four specimens of S. rhodopensis   examined here agree with the original description as it shows the following main features: body size (length 25, 28 and 30 mm); 55 leg bearing segments; chitin lines reaching the anterior condyles; anterior margin of the forcipular coxosternum straight; sternal pore areas in the anterior part of the trunk subtriangular; coxopleuron with one anterior pouch with pores and one posterior single pore (Bonato & Minelli 2008). The record under Geophilus linearis C.L. Koch, 1835   , “Arkadía: Óros Ménalon, Vitina” published in Zapparoli (2002: 104) has been here revised by one of us (MZ) and assigned to this species according to Bonato & Minelli, (2002), The record from “Ahaïa: Klitoría, Zaroúhla,” also under Geophilus linearis   in Zapparoli (2002: 104), is due to a misprint.














Stenotaenia rhodopensis (Kaczmarek, 1970)

Simaiakis, Stylianos Michail, Akkari, Nesrine & Zapparoli, Marzio 2016

Geophilus linearis

C.L. Koch 1835