Minibiotus gumersindoi Guil & Guidetti, 2005, Guil & Guidetti, 2005

Fontoura, Paulo, Pilato, Giovanni & Lisi, Oscar, 2008, New records of eutardigrades (Tardigrada) from Faial and Pico Islands, the Azores, with the description of two new species, Zootaxa 1778, pp. 37-47: 41-42

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Minibiotus gumersindoi Guil & Guidetti, 2005


Minibiotus gumersindoi Guil & Guidetti, 2005  

Material examined: 9 specimens from Lages do Pico, Pico Island. All specimens were mounted in Hoyer’s medium.

Body length of 130–218 μm. The comparison with type material of M. gumersindoi   showed that the specimens from the Azores are very similar in morphological and morphometric characters and should be attributed to this species.

Distribution: Up till now the species appeared to have a rather restricted distribution, recorded only in Spain and Canary Islands. This is the first record of this species on Azores Islands.