Liposcelis corrodens (Heymons, 1909)

Ostrovsky, Artsiom & Georgiev, Dilian, 2020, New Psocoptera (Hexapoda, Insecta) records from Belarus, ZooNotes 157, pp. 1-3: 2

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Liposcelis corrodens (Heymons, 1909)


Liposcelis corrodens (Heymons, 1909)  

Material examined:

1. Belarus, Gomel city, Auerbaha Str., in entomological collection, 52°25'49"N, 30°59'12"E, 139 a.s.l., 12.12.2017, 20♀ GoogleMaps   ; 28.09.2019, 1♀ GoogleMaps   .

2. Belarus, Gomel area, Buda-Koshelevo district, Uvarovichi village , in an old water tower, among garbage remains and dry bird feces, 52°36'18"N, 30°44'54"E, 131 a.s.l., 23.05.2019, 3♀ GoogleMaps   .

3. Belarus, Gomel area   , Gomel district, pine forest between the horticultural partnership “Glushets” and Mikhal'ki village , in the nest of Formica rufa   L., 52°14'34"N, 30°50'18"E, 132 a.s.l., 28.10.2018, numerous females and some males, some of them MHNG (det. C. Lienhard) GoogleMaps   .


Switzerland, Geneva, Museum d'Histoire Naturelle


Museum d'Histoire Naturelle