Baccharis psammophila Malme (1933: 70)

Heiden, Gustavo & Pirani, José Rubens, 2012, A synopsis and notes for Baccharis subgen. Tarchonanthoides (Asteraceae: Astereae), Phytotaxa 60 (1), pp. 41-49 : 44

publication ID 10.11646/phytotaxa.60.1.6

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Baccharis psammophila Malme (1933: 70)


8. Baccharis psammophila Malme (1933: 70) . — Type: “Santa Catharina: Laguna 24/6 09 (n. 8425). Hab. in arena mobili”. BRAZIL. Santa Catarina: Laguna, 24 June 1909, P. K. H. Dusén 8425 (lectotype S (S-R-597, ♂) photo!, designated here). —Remaining syntype: BRAZIL. Santa Catarina: Laguna, 24 June 1909, P. K. H. Dusén 8425 (S (0-22439, ♀) photo!).

Malme (1933) based his description of B. psammophila on the Dusén 8425 collection in S. An examination of this collection demonstrated that effectively there are two syntypes under the same number housed in S, as they are not clearly labelled as two parts on different sheets for the same specimen. The single preparation comprising the staminate specimens of Dusén 8425 (S-R-597) is here designated as lectotype as it is in agreement with the original description and bears the original collection label written in pencil. The female duplicates of Dusén 8425 ( S10-22439 ), which lack the original annotations other than the herbarium label and are mounted on another single sheet, is considered here as an isolectotype .


Department of Botany, Swedish Museum of Natural History