Zarghani, E., Khaghaninia, S., Namin, S. Mohamadzade, Karimpour, Y. & Korneyev, V. A., 2016, First Records Of The Friut Flies (Diptera, Tephritidae) In The Fauna Of Iran, Vestnik Zoologii 50 (2), pp. 123-134 : 132

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Korneyev, 1991 ( Cryptaciura kovalevi ); Norrbom et al., 1999 ( Euleia ).

M a t e r i a l e x a m i n e d. East Azerbaijan Province: Kaleibar: Makidi valley , 22 km from Kaleibar ,

38°50ʹ N 46°53ʹ E, 1678 m, swept from Heracleum sp. , 22.06.2014, 1 Ơ (Zarghani) ( FAUT) GoogleMaps .

D i a g n o s t i c c h a r a c t e r s. Shining brown flies with all setae and setulae black, mesonotum and abdomen shining black, wing with dark brown pattern as on fig. 38 View Fig , apical hyaline spot in cell dm open and reaching posterior margin of wing; scutellum usually with two pairs of setae (in males sometimes with one pair).

D i s t r i b u t i o n. Russian Caucasus, Georgia (Korneyev, 1991). First record from Iran.

This paper partly results from the VAK author’s project supported by grant UC5000 from ISF in 1995. Collecting trips to Southern Ukraine were supported by the Schmalhausen Institute of Zoology and National Ecological Centre of Ukraine in 1991–1992; material from Greece was collected due to support of the FaunaEuropaea Project in 2002. Collecting trips to the Dizmar and Arasbaran Protected areas were possible due to support of the Tabriz University to EZ and SK and were made in the framework of doctoral fellowship of Ebrahim Zarghani under the supervision of Samad Khaganinia. We thank two anonymous referees of this manuscript, valuable comments and constructive criticism. We also thank Severyn V. Korneyev for his assistance during collecting and mounting the specimens.

Scientific responsibilities of the co-authors were shared as follows: Samad Khaganinia, Saeed Mohamadzade Namin and Younes Karimpour organized collecting trips in which Iranian material was collected; all the co-authors collected, mounted and identified material; final identification was confirmed or provided by Valery A. Korneyev; text was written by EZ under supervision of SK and advising of SMN; EZ also prepared some illustrations; most illustrations, text concerning nomenclature, redescriprions, distribution, and host plants was written or edited by VAK.











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