Didelphinae, Gray, 1821

Voss, Robert S., Fleck, David W. & Jansa, Sharon A., 2019, Mammalian Diversity And Matses Ethnomammalogy In Amazonian Peru Part 3: Marsupials (Didelphimorphia), Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History 2019 (432), pp. 1-89: 23

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http://doi.org/ 10.1206/0003-0090.432.1.1

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Subfamily Didelphinae  

Species of the subfamily Didelphinae   that occur in the Yavar√≠-Ucayali interfluve are classified into four tribes. The tribe Marmosini   is locally represented by four species of mouse opossums ( Marmosa   ) and three species of short-tailed opossums ( Monodelphis   ); the tribe Didelphini   is represented by the water opossum ( Chironectes minimus   ), the so-called common opossum ( Didelphis marsupialis   ), and two species of gray four-eyed opossums (Philan- der); the tribe Metachirini   is represented by the brown four-eyed opossum ( Metachirus myosuros   ); and the tribe Thylamyini   is represented by one species of gracile mouse opossum ( Gracilinanus emiliae   ) and three species of slender mouse opossums ( Marmosops   ). Geographic range data suggest that three additional species known from specimens collected