Baloorthochirus becvari Kovařík , 1996

Kovařík, Baloorthochirus becvari & 1996, 2004, Revision and taxonomic position of genera Afghanorthochirus Lourenço & Vachon, Baloorthochirus Kova ík, Butheolus Simon, Nanobuthus Pocock, Orthochiroides Kova ík, Pakistanorthochirus Lourenço, and Asian Orthochirus Karsch, with descriptions of twelve new species (Scorpiones, Buthidae), Euscorpius 16, pp. 1-33 : 2

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Baloorthochirus becvari Kovařík , 1996


Baloorthochirus becvari Kovařík, 1996

Baloorthochirus becvari Kovařík, 1996: 178 ; Fet & Lowe, 2000: 80.

= Pakistanorthochirus weitschati Lourenço, 1997: 154 ; Kovařík, 1998: 116; Fet & Lowe, 2000: 200. Syn. n.

TYPE LOCALITY AND TYPE REPOSITORY. Pakistan, SE Balochistan, Khurkhra , 38 km S Uthal ; FKCP.

TYPE MATERIAL EXAMINED. Pakistan, SE Balochistan, Khurkhra, 38 km S Uthal, 24.IV.1993, 1♂ E (holotype), leg. S. Bečvář; Region of Karachi , 1953, 1♀ A (holotype of Pakistanorthochirus weitschati ), collector unknown, ZMUH .

OTHER MATERIAL EXAMINED. India, Barmer , Thar Desert, VIII.1955, leg. P.S. Nachar, 2♂ 1juv. A, CASC , 1♂ A, FKCP . Pakistan, Dadu Dist. , 6 mi S Sehwan, 12.VI.1959, 1♀ A, leg. S. A. Minton under rubbish, FKCP .

DIAGNOSIS: Monotypic genus, see generic diagnosis.

COMMENTS. This species was based on a unique holotype, and only examination of more recently collected specimens has revealed variation in the number of rows of granules on the movable fingers of pedipalps (7–9 rows) and in the number of pectinal teeth (19–21 in males, 16–17 in females). Specimens with less conspicuously granulated metasomal segments have a well apparent medial ventral carina on the fifth segment and two parallel ventral carinae on the fourth segment. The fifth segment may also bear punctae, which, however, are not as well developed as in Orthochirus . Variable granulation of metasomal segments cannot be considered a species character, because at the same locality ( India, Barmer) one male has the fifth segment nearly smooth whereas in another male it is strongly granulate, similarly to the holotype and also one female from Pakistan. Another female from Pakistan (the holotype of Pakistanorthochirus weitschati ) has the metasomal segments less granulate, similarly to a male from India. Stable appear to be the four lateral eyes of each side, as in Butheolus , however the fourth eye is minute and out of line, and may possibly be overlooked.

DISTRIBUTION. India (first record), Pakistan ( Kovařík, 1996: 178).


Zoological Museum, University of Hanoi














Baloorthochirus becvari Kovařík , 1996

Kovařík, Baloorthochirus becvari & 1996 2004

Baloorthochirus becvari Kovařík, 1996: 178

KOVARIK 1996: 178