Pseudechiniscus facettalis Petersen 1951, Petersen, 1951

Guil, Noemí, 2008, New records and within-species variability of Iberian tardigrades (Tardigrada), with comments on the species from the Echiniscus blumi-canadensis series, Zootaxa 1757, pp. 1-30: 13

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Pseudechiniscus facettalis Petersen 1951


Pseudechiniscus facettalis Petersen 1951  

This species showed some variation at the base of the external claws of the fourth pair of legs, where I have found one spur or no spur. Mean body size, among 20 specimens found, was 336 μm (SD 72), ranging from 253 to 572 μm. The species has been cited for Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania and America. In the Iberian Peninsula, it has been recorded for Portugal ( Maucci & Durante Pasa 1985), Andorra ( Maucci & Durante Pasa 1984) and Spain ( Maucci & Durante Pasa 1984; McInnes 1991). Pseudechiniscus facettalis   was found at six sampling points (Table 3), but only in MR samples.