Hypsibius pallidus Thulin 1911, Thulin, 1911

Guil, Noemí, 2008, New records and within-species variability of Iberian tardigrades (Tardigrada), with comments on the species from the Echiniscus blumi-canadensis series, Zootaxa 1757, pp. 1-30: 16

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http://doi.org/ 10.5281/zenodo.181845



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Hypsibius pallidus Thulin 1911


Hypsibius pallidus Thulin 1911  

Hypsibius pallidus   shows quadrangular or granular-shaped macroplacoids, as a difference from Hypsibius convergens   and H. dujardini   , which have rod-shaped macroplacoids. In addition, this species has doubleclaws similar to those present in Ramazzottius oberhaeuseri   . Mean body size, among the 14 individuals collected, was 534 μm (SD 147), range 308 to 803 μm. The species is considered cosmopolitan ( McInnes 1994). In the Iberian Peninsula, it has been recorded for Spain ( Rodríguez Roda 1946, 1952; Maucci & Durante Pasa 1984; Lewin Osorio 1984) and Portugal ( Da Cunha 1941, 1944a, 1947 b; Fontoura 1981). This is the first time it is recorded for Madrid Province ( Table 2 View TABLE 2 ). Hypsibius pallidus   was found at 7 sampling points (Table 3) from LF and MR samples.