Milnesium tetralamellatum Pilato & Binda 1991, Pilato & Binda, 1991

Guil, Noemí, 2008, New records and within-species variability of Iberian tardigrades (Tardigrada), with comments on the species from the Echiniscus blumi-canadensis series, Zootaxa 1757, pp. 1-30: 15

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Milnesium tetralamellatum Pilato & Binda 1991


Milnesium tetralamellatum Pilato & Binda 1991  

This species showed four peribuccal lamellae which distinguishes it from all other Milnesium   species ( Tumanov 2006). The morphological differences, observed in the three specimens isolated were presence or absence of the basal spur on the outer claws. However, the basal spur presence (or absence) was constant within each specimen. Body size range was 1034 to 1595 μm, mean 1221 μm (SD 323). The species has been cited for Africa where it was originally described, but this is the first record for Europe ( Table 2 View TABLE 2 ). Milnesium tetralamellatum   was detected only in one sampling point (Table 3).