Philanthus soikai de BEAUMONT , 1961, de BEAUMONT, 1961

Eaumont, 2017, The Philanthinae Wasps of the " Biologiezentrum Linz " - Collection in Linz, Austria including the genera Aphilanthops PATTON, Clypeadon PATTON, Odontosphex ARNOLD, Philanthinus de BEAUMONT, Philanthus FABRICIUS, Pseudoscolia RADOSZKOWSKI and Trachypus KLUG, Linzer biologische Beiträge 49 (2), pp. 1245-1274: 1258

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Philanthus soikai de BEAUMONT , 1961


Philanthus soikai de BEAUMONT, 1961   (8 ♀♀, 5 33)

M o r o c c o: 3♀♀, 30 km N Bouarfa, 19.V.1995, leg. Ma. Halada. T u n i s i a: 4♀♀, 533, Sidi Boubaker, 40 km NW Gafsa, 34°39'N 8°27'E, 11.V.1992, leg. Max

Schwarz, det. M. Guichard and Max Schwarz; 1♀, 56 km S Tataouine, 11.IV.1994, leg. J   .

Gusenleitner, det. Guichard.

N o t e:DeBEAUMONT, 1961, expressed the possibility P. soikai   is only a subspecies of P. minor   but he had not seen the male. Guichard (1994:211) has examined the specimens mentioned above and conclused P. soikai   to be a good species with its larger size, 10 – 11 mm, and dramatic sexual dimorphism. The female is black, dark red and white, while the male has extensiv yellow markings on abdomen and thorax, inclining to ivory on head. Strukturally, P. sokai differs from P. minor   by the wider pronotal collar with lateral angles squarer and less rounded, while the front of the pronotum seen in profile falls vertically insted of sloping at an angle as in P. minor   .