Philanthus kaszabi TSUNEKI , 1971, TSUNEKI, 1971

Eaumont, 2017, The Philanthinae Wasps of the " Biologiezentrum Linz " - Collection in Linz, Austria including the genera Aphilanthops PATTON, Clypeadon PATTON, Odontosphex ARNOLD, Philanthinus de BEAUMONT, Philanthus FABRICIUS, Pseudoscolia RADOSZKOWSKI and Trachypus KLUG, Linzer biologische Beiträge 49 (2), pp. 1245-1274: 1253

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Philanthus kaszabi TSUNEKI , 1971


Philanthus kaszabi TSUNEKI, 1971   (6 ♀♀, 3 33)

M o n g o l i a: 2♀♀, 233, 70 km E Allay City, Guulin , 14.VII.2005, leg. Tyrner   ; 2 ♀♀, 75 km W Ulaanbaatar, dunes, 2.VIII.2005, leg. J. Halada   ; 1♀, 13, 90 km NE Tsetserleg , 1400m, 45°03'N 102°25'E, 27.VII.2005, leg. J. Halada GoogleMaps   ; 1♀, Bayankhongor, 75 km S Bayankhongor , 45°20'N 100°48.5'E, 1330m, 8.VII.2004, leg. J. Halada. GoogleMaps  

N o t e: The hitherto unknown male of P. kaszabi   has the same sculptur and the color as the female except the face is yellow until midocellus, the flagellomeres III-V are yellow beneath and the terga V-VII are dark-brown. The male of P. kaszabi   differs from P. hellmanni   in having a yello face until midocellus, the terga I-III yellow and the pronotal collar is high erected, small, sharp and thin (The male of P. hellmanni   has only a yellow clypeus, the terga I-III are black with yellowish stripes and the pronotal collar is thiker and not so high). The male of P. mongolicus F. MORAWITZ   differs from P. kaszabi   in having the scutum coarsely and sparsely punctate ( P. kaszabi   has the scutum smooth and nearly impunctate).